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Manage Microsoft Teams App Permissions

App Request, Lifecycle and Reporting of Microsoft Teams Apps and In-house AppStore

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Manage Microsoft Teams App Permissions
Manage Microsoft Teams App Permissions with App Manager

App Request & Reporting

With app request, review and reporting you can keep track and control which apps are allowed to be installed.

Data security

Manage app permissions and prevent uncontrolled installation of apps, which could become a danger for your data!

Custom AppStore

Decide how you want the AppStore to look to your employees, which apps are approved and which require an App Request.


Manage permissions of your Microsoft Teams apps


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App Request & Approval

App Manager
Request for teams g
Request for personal / chat apps g
Required metadata g
Confirmation of guidelines g
Training materials / documents g
App requests as tasks g
Approval by team owner / admin g

In-house AppStore

App Manager
Enterprise apps g
Apps from AppStore g
Restriction with app request g
Categories g
Recommended categories g
App descriptions g
Icons g
Compliance information g
Usage g
Guidelines g
Training materials g
Vendor information g
Price (optional) g
Individual look & feel g
Individual color scheme g

App Review

App Manager
App lifecycle g
App review tasks g


App Manager
Use in teams g
Number of users g
Date of installation g
Version g
Trend g


App Manager
My Apps – Overview g
Drag&Drop arrangement g
Favorites g
Tile view g
List view g
Filtering g
Sorting g
Training materials g
Company own materials g


App Manager
Installation g
Available apps g
Permit approver groups g
Notifications g
Dynamic groups g
Apps g
Permission policies g
Lifecycles g
Policies g

More about Microsoft Teams Governance

For more information about the App Manager and Microsoft Teams Governance, please visit our Microsoft Teams Governance topic page.

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