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The Professional Meeting Solution

Manage meetings in SharePoint On-Premises with serial appointments, agenda and protocol.

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The professional meeting solution for SharePoint On-Premises and Microsoft Office 365


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How can you
increase productivity?

Increase productivity and efficiency for all of your meetings. Meeting Manager supports you along the whole process, starting with the invitation of attendees, storing all relevant information at a single central location and sharing the results automatically at the end of each meeting. Why should you use Meeting Manager? Maybe you can remember the old SharePoint template “Meeting Workspace” – well, it does no longer exist. We offer not just a replacement, we offer you an overall solution!

Everything at a glance

With this solution you will always keep the overview of your meeting!
The interface of the Meeting Manager is simple, clean and completely designed and customized for meetings.

Easy control

Meeting Manager makes it really simple! With the people picker field you can add your subscribers to the meeting. And the best thing – you can do this for external subscribers, too!


Our Meeting Manager handles the refresh! You will never have to refresh your page – with the built-in ajax control every change of your subscibers will be automatically transfered to every one of the meeting subscribers.

What does a typical meeting look like?

  • 1

    Prepare - A meeting is required, find timeslot, invite attendees, book resources

    The preparation includes e.g.

    creating a meeting title, finding a timeslot for all attendees, booking resources such as meeting room and beamer, setting an agenda, sending the invitation (either required and/or optional)

  • 2

    Meet - Lots of coffee, people meet, decisions made, tasks assigned, analog and digital content created

    In the meeting itself you will have

    ...content being presented, likely a flipchart or digital. To keep track of it, you will need to take a digital photo or exchange the presentation file.
    ...decisions being made. Later on other people will reference and rely on these.
    ...tasks being assigned. The challenge is keeping track of them as tasks need to be completed at some stage.
    ...spoken content, recorded in an analog notebook or even better into a digital notebook like OneNote and now Meeting Manager.

  • 3

    Wrap-up - Send summary to all attendees, monitor tasks and follow up on decisions

    After the meeting has ended, the meeting content is shared, mostly by email, probably by multiple people. With Meeting Manager this is just a single click.

The problem with the example above is, information is redundant, the process is inefficient, and it is difficult to follow up on tasks and decisions.

Solutions2Share has the optimal solution for managing meetings efficiently!


We integrate into your existing environment while adding additional functionality so that your business can concentrate on the meeting and not struggle with coordination and follow-up.

Manage meetings Meeting Manager
Create a meeting workspace within seconds (Self-service) g
A single place for all your meetings g
Easy creation of an agenda g
Structured agenda g
  Tasks g
  Documents g
  Notes g
  Decisions g
Invite external users g
Co-author functionality g
Integration Meeting Manager
Integrates in Outlook (add-in), create a meeting in the familiar Outlook environment with all the features. g
  Free/busy times g
  Invitations g
Supports other SharePoint Apps (e.g. integrate with Solutions2Share Collaboration Manager) (optional) g
Information Meeting Manager
Tracking status visible to everyone (Meeting invitation status) g
  Accepted g
  Tentative g
  Declined g
Documented decisions g
Automatically create a meeting report at the end of the meeting g
Usability Meeting Manager
One-click installation using the SharePoint Store (App file) g
Assign documents via drag and drop g
Make your meeting workspace unique – customize the layout g
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Understanding your requirements and objectives is important to us. We listen and work together to set you up with the best tool for managing meetings in SharePoint On-Premises efficiently.

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