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Early Adopter Program

We offer you the exclusive opportunity to try out new Solutions2Share apps for Microsoft Teams and provide user feedback. This free program offers the opportunity to provide input and feedback, while evaluating the benefits of implementing the software solution after its release.

New technology

Evaluate new technology before it is publicly available


Your feedback is important to us. Influence product development.

Become first to market

Solve your IT problems before your competitors do.


Contribute to improve the customer experience.

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Program Components

As part of the Early Adopter Program (EAP), you will play a pivotal role in the validation of new software solutions and technology components for Microsoft Teams.

You will have access to the newest apps and the opportunity to provide suggestions on the features of new solutions/components before they are released, giving you a say in how the final solution turns out. You will also benefit from a dedicated expert who will assist you during installation and updates, and throughout the program.

Early Access to Technology

Members have access to innovation and product features in its nascent stage.

Early Adopter Pricing

EAP members will be eligible for discounts on software products.


We will provide the support necessary to resolve your questions.

Get Started

Complete the Solutions2Share Early Adopter Program application.

Do you have questions?

A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

How does the early adopter program work?

  • We will deliver the component user guide and data to you by e-mail
  • You install and try the solution – you will of course receive the necessary support
  • You report any issues to our team
  • We provide you with periodic updates
  • Early Adopter participants upgrade to the latest certified Builds
  • The best feedback providers will be rewarded! (to be specified)

How can I participate?

Fill the form above and read the agreement for early adopters, and then submit your request.

I have another question!

Do you still have questions or suggestions after reading the accompanying information on the Early Adopter Program? Please feel free to contact us at any time – Solutions2Share thrives on intensive exchange!