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Awesome Teams Management – Governance for Microsoft Teams

Teams Manager is an easy-to-use app for governance and lifecycle management in Microsoft Teams.

Included governance features

  • Select specific users to approve new Teams
  • Allow your users to request new Teams
  • Approve or deny new Teams requests
  • Automatically notify Team owners and approvers by e-mail and with notifications with a request and approval workflow
  • Create templates for new Teams that include pre-defined channels, tabs, apps like OneNote or Planner, permissions etc.
  • Provisioning for Microsoft Teams based on your templates
  • Create Naming Conventions not just for Team names but also for OneNotes and Planners
  • Manage Lifecycles with expiration, archiving and deletion dates for inactive Teams
  • Create powerful Governance Policy packages and determine which lifecycle and which naming convention should be used for a new Team

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