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Files in Microsoft Teams

When you work with MS Teams, collaborating on and sharing files in Microsoft Teams is one of the main aspects. But what kind of options do you have for working with documents in Microsoft Teams? Here we take a look at the basic and some intermediate …

File Management in Microsoft Teams

There are many options and best practices for file management in Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. Find out how you can keep control of your files and folders as well as document structure in Teams.

Block Guest Access for Specific Teams in Microsoft Teams

To minimize the risk of freely added guests in Microsoft Teams, it often makes sense to disable guest access. But maybe you want to disable guest access for specific teams, not for all teams?

Microsoft Teams Security Part 3 – Security Configurations

The 3rd part of our blog series on Microsoft Teams security discusses conditional access, multi-factor authentication, security defaults, threat protection, data loss prevention, safe links etc.

External User Manager Release: Bug Fixes, Webhook & More

We have published the latest release for External User Manager. Invite guests to Microsoft 365 groups, language German and English, Webhook and deactivation of existing teams for external access.

Microsoft Teams Security Part 2 – Compliance Configurations

The 2nd part of our blog series on Microsoft Teams security takes a look at communication compliance, data retention and location, audit options, the eDiscovery tools and more.

User Presence States in Microsoft Teams

There are many different user presence states in Microsoft Teams. In some cases, users can select their state by themselves, while other states are displayed automatically. What do the presence states mean?

Microsoft Teams Security Part 1 – Collaboration Aspects

In this first part of our blog series on Microsoft Teams security, we will take a look at collaboration aspects like meetings, channel moderation, apps, access, cloud recordings and information barriers.

Get Control Over Your Microsoft Teams App Permission Policy

With Microsoft Teams App Permission Policies you can allow or block specific apps and define what apps your users or your organization can use. Read on to find out how to create new app permission policies!