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Microsoft Teams: Default Guest Permissions

When you invite a new guest in Microsoft Teams, they can enter your tenant with default permissions. In this blog post, we take a look at which features are included in the default guest permissions and which are not.

Save Links as Bookmarks in Microsoft Teams

Posting a link in Microsoft Teams is easy – however, finding that link again later is a whole other issue. Hyperlinks can help: our new app lets you save links as bookmarks in Teams and share them with your colleagues.

Microsoft Teams: Shared Channels

Shared channels are a new feature of Microsoft Teams, designed to make it easier to collaborate with people outside your own organization. The big advantage: externals see shared channels in their own environment!

How to Clear the Microsoft Teams Cache

It can be helpful to clear the Microsoft Teams cache to solve errors or strange behavior. Here you can find a step-by-step instruction as well as a PowerShell script that makes it easy to empty the MS Teams cache.

Improve internal communication with News Bot

The topic of internal communication is present in every company – but you can make a lot of mistakes. Sending an occasional email is no longer enough in the information age. How to choose the best channels, and what to …

Zoom vs Teams: Which video conferencing and collaboration service is the best?

Countless companies are faced with the decision: Zoom vs. Teams. We show the advantages of the two video conferencing and collaboration tools.

Teams Manager Release: Dynamic User Groups & More

In January 2022, we published a new release for Teams Manager with dynamic user groups with access to different templates, two-owner policy for teams, sensitivity labels, integration of MS Teams templates, …

Microsoft Teams App Management

Before launching Microsoft Teams in their organization, companies should think about Microsoft Teams App Management and how they want to handle the internal app store. Based on what we hear from our clients, …

Multi Geo Location in Microsoft Teams

Multi Geo tenants for Microsoft Teams enable global international organizations to select the location their data is stored. Teams Manager now supports multi geo teams and storing whole teams in different data locations.