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Teams Manager with Copilot Integration Now Available on Microsoft AppSource and Teams Store

Teams Manager, now integrated with Copilot, is designed to simplify managing Microsoft Teams. It offers easy approval workflows for creating new teams, manages team lifecycles to archive inactive groups, and …

Microsoft Teams Permissions – Manage Team Settings & Assign User Permissions

In this blog post, learn all about Microsoft Teams permissions and how to manage settings and different permission levels.

Manage M365 Groups with Sensitivity Labels

This post will guide you through enabling sensitivity labels for M365 Groups using PowerShell, creating labels, and options for sharing and external users.

Who We Serve: How M365 Users Benefit from Teams Manager and External User Manager

Teams Manager and External User Manager for M365 users: More flexibility and productivity.

Who We Serve: M365 Apps for IT Administrators

Teams Manager and External User Manager for IT administrators: Microsoft 365 governance policies and automations for repetitive manual work, for more security and productivity.

Microsoft governance specialist Solutions2Share acquires digital office solution bNear for further growth

Solutions2Share acquires the digital office solution bNear and strengthens its position in the market.

Manage and Create Teams Channels in Microsoft Teams: Public, Shared and Private Channels

Learn how to create public, shared and private channels and manage their settings as team owner or admin.

Microsoft Teams Administrator – an Overview of the Teams Admin Role

The role of Microsoft Teams administrators involves managing and overseeing the use of Microsoft Teams within an organization. Take a look at …

External Identities in Microsoft Entra

This blog article aims to give Microsoft 365 administrators an overview of the External Identities section in Entra (formerly Azure Active Directory or Azure AD).

Microsoft 365 Provisioning

For Microsoft 365 provisioning, it is necessary to have a good understanding of both Graph API and PnP (Patterns and Practices) as well as third-party tools. In this blog post, we take a look at the different approaches.

How to Clear the Microsoft Teams Cache for macOS

This guide will walk you through the cache-clearing process for both versions on macOS, ensuring you can tackle any related problems with ease, regardless of the version you’re using.

How to Blacklist and Whitelist External Domains in M365

Today we will show you a step-by-step approach to blacklisting or whitelisting guests, helping you maintain control over who can enter your M365 and Teams environment.

Apply Governance Policies to Unmanaged Teams in Microsoft Teams

Learn how to migrate existing, unmanaged teams into your governance strategy with Teams Manager‘s „Unmanaged Bot“.

Microsoft 365 Group and Microsoft Teams Lifecycle Management – Governance Best Practices

All about best practices for Microsoft 365 Group and Microsoft Teams lifecycle management.

Implementing Microsoft Teams: Common Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

In this blog post we will address the most common mistakes when implementingMicrosoft Teams and show solutions and best practices based on various case studies.

Implementing Microsoft Teams: Common Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

In this blog post we will address the most common mistakes when implementingMicrosoft Teams and show solutions and best practices based on various case studies.

How to Schedule External Meetings in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams makes it very easy to meet remotely with external attendees. In this blog post, you will learn the step-by-step process of setting up an external meeting in MS Teams.

5 Benefits of Tags in Microsoft Teams You Didn’t Know About

How do you keep all Team members organized and on the same page? Enter the world of tags in Microsoft Teams! In this blog post, you’ll learn about the 5 benefits of using tags you probably didn’t know about.

Teams Creation in Microsoft Teams

Creating a new team in Microsoft Teams is easy and can be done with just a few clicks. In this blog post, we will provide a step-by-step guide for you to follow in order to easily create new teams. Click on the link at the bottom left …

Best Practices for Project Management in Microsoft Teams

Optimize your project management with Microsoft Teams! Learn how to use the strengths of Teams and which best practices will lead to success. From agile models to classic approaches…

Cancel a Subscription or Remove an App in Microsoft Teams

Learn how to cancel a subscription or remove a third-party app in Microsoft Teams: Either through the Teams app store or through the Teams or M365 Admin Center.

Microsoft 365 Governance

In this blog post, we provide an overview of Microsoft 365 governance, from risk management and zero trust to automation and interesting third-party tools. You’ll also find helpful links to additional resources providing more in-depth information.

Increase or Reduce Licenses for a Teams App in Microsoft Teams

In this blog post, you will learn how to buy additional licenses for an app subscription in Microsoft Teams, or reduce the number of your user licenses if needed. Open the Admin Center …

Maximizing Efficiency: A Guide to Pre-Built & Custom Microsoft Teams Templates

Working with pre-built and custom Microsoft Teams templates: Learn how to edit templates in the Teams Admin Center and what options, limitations, and alternative solutions exist.

Microsoft Teams Project Management Features

Microsoft Teams offers a wide range of features designed to facilitate effective project management. In this blog post, we take a look at the most important functionalities for optimizing and automating project management.

The 5 Phases of Project Management

It’s important to have a good grasp of the different phases of project management. They allow for improved planning and management by breaking the project down into manageable parts, each with its own specific objectives …

Microsoft Teams Project Management: Successfully control and manage projects

In this in-depth blog article, we’ll dive deep into project management and focus specifically on how Microsoft Teams can change the way you manage projects.

Replacing Valo Teamwork with Teams Manager

Looking to replace Valo Teamwork with a different governance tool? Migrating to Teams Manager with the help of our reliable partners offers a seamless shift with an exceptional feature set for efficient Microsoft Teams management.

Use Microsoft Teams for Project Management: Benefits

Using Microsoft Teams for project management is not just a decision, but a strategic move to create an integrated, productive and secure environment for project delivery.

How to Find the Microsoft Teams Tenant ID: A Step-by-Step Guide for Teams Administrators

As a Microsoft Teams administrator, you may occasionally need your Tenant ID. Here is a quick step-by-step guide to help you locate it.

Project Management: Important KPIs

This blog post dives into the world of project management KPIs and provides a comprehensive guide to understanding, selecting, and evaluating the right KPIs for your projects.

Microsoft Teams Task Management – Tasks apps like Planner, To Do, Lists

In this blog post, we explore task management in Microsoft Teams, focusing on the use of apps like Planner, To Do or Lists for efficient workflows and higher productivity.

Microsoft Teams Organization

In this blog post we want to take a look at how Microsoft Teams can be organized to avoid unclear structures and frustration among users. How can companies bring structure to the jungle of teams and channels? How do you design a folder structure …

Microsoft Teams Integration

In this blog post, you’ll learn how integrating Microsoft Teams with those project management tools that can take your project management to the next level.

How to Manage Teams in Microsoft Teams Admin Center (2023 Tutorial)

The Microsoft Teams Admin Center is a portal for admins to control their Teams environment. In this blog post, we will answer the most important questions about the Teams Admin Center and…

Comparison: External User Manager vs Microsoft out-of-the-box features

How does guest user governance with External User Manager compare to Microsoft’s out-of-the-box features alone? We’ll take a look at which Microsoft features are sufficient and…

Teams Governance vs. Teams Administration

Microsoft Teams governance and administration are both important for security and functionality. Let’s take a look at which parts are most important and what organizations should establish before rolling out Microsoft Teams.

How to Purchase an App in the Microsoft Teams App Store

In this blog post, we will walk you through the steps of purchasing an app directly in the Microsoft Teams app store and distributing your licenses to your users. First, open Microsoft Teams on your computer and …

Create a Mind Map in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Teams

While there are many tools for creating mind maps, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Teams are popular tools that can also be used to make mind maps. Today we’ll explore how to create a mind map in Microsoft 365 apps.

The benefits of integrating Mind Map with Microsoft Teams

In the ever-evolving world of work, collaboration and organization are key to success. The integration of mind mapping tools with Microsoft Teams has opened up new possibilities for real-time collaboration and efficiency.

Mind Mapping and Project Management: A Powerful Combination

Mind mapping has become a powerful tool for project managers, helping with everything from brainstorming to breaking down the project into smaller, more manageable pieces. Today you will learn how mind mapping can be used in project management.

The Best Mind Map Software in 2023

With the right mind mapping software, you can create mind maps, share your mind maps with others, and even turn mind maps into actionable plans. In 2023, the demand for user-friendly mind mapping tools has increased, and there are many mind mapping apps for different needs.

Mind Mapping: A step-by-step guide for creating mind maps online

Mind mapping has become an indispensable tool for brainstorming, project planning, organizing ideas, and more. Let’s explore the world of mindmapping in detail.

Mind Mapping Techniques for Effective Thinking

Mind mapping has become an essential tool for organizing ideas, boosting creativity, and enhancing productivity. Let’s explore various mind mapping techniques and how you can benefit from them.

How to get a Microsoft Teams License for Free

If you’ve been thinking about purchasing Microsoft Teams licenses but you’re not sure if it’s worth your money, Microsoft Teams Exploratory License is exactly what you’re looking for! In this blogpost we are going to show how you can…

The Best Mind Map Templates for Different Purposes

With a plethora of mind map templates available online, it’s now simpler and more accessible to organize information, brainstorm ideas, and create a concept map. Let’s delve into the best mind map templates.

MindMap in Education: How schools and universities can use free mind maps

The advent of free mind map software and tools makes it even more accessible and versatile. Here’s how educational institutions can benefit from using free mind map tools.

Microsoft Teams: Change Guest Name

Are you looking for a way in Microsoft Teams to change guest name? External guest names can be edited either by team owners, or by Microsoft 365 admins. In this blogpost we’re gonna show you how!

Microsoft 365: Disable Concealed Data in Reports

In Teams Manager, for lifecycle notifications of teams to be triggered based on missing activity, it is necessary to disable the concealing of users, groups and site names in reports in Microsoft 365 Admin Center.

Invite Guests to Microsoft Teams

How to invite guests in Microsoft Teams? First of all, your organization has to allow external guests to be invited to Microsoft Teams. If your organization allows collaboration with guests, simply follow these steps.

Alternatives to Valo Teamwork – switch now and save 20%!

Looking for alternatives to Valo Teamwork to keep your Microsoft Teams environment under control?
Teams Manager is the best way to replace Valo Teamwork. In 2023, you will also receive a 20% discount …

Microsoft Teams: External User Manager

Inviting guests to Microsoft Teams is easy. However, it can become difficult to keep track of all guests and to integrate them in a legally correct way. External User Manager supports you in managing guests in Microsoft Teams.

File Manager Now Available on Microsoft AppSource

Solutions2Share announced the availability of File Manager on Microsoft AppSource, an online cloud marketplace providing tailored line-of-business solutions. With File Manager, users can quickly access files in different teams …

How to disable games in Microsoft Teams

The Games for Work app was introduced by Microsoft end of 2022. The following four games are included: Solitaire, Minesweeper, Wordament, and Icebreakers. Each of these can be played alone or with several players.

Installation of Microsoft Teams App

Due to the recent changes in the world, everyone has probably heard of Microsoft Teams. If you haven’t used it yet, you don’t need to worry – we’ll show you how to install the Microsoft Teams app!

Onboarding Guests in Microsoft Teams and M365 Groups

Onboarding guests in Microsoft Teams with External User Manager’s automated onboarding portal helps ensure security and compliance requirements are met.

Microsoft Teams Guest Access and External Users – everything you need to know about guest access in Microsoft Teams

Configure Microsoft Teams guest access, learn how to add guests to teams and channels, set access permissions …

Create New Folders in Microsoft Teams

As it is way easier to navigate through a nice and clean folder structure than through hundreds of individual, unstructured documents, we will show you how to create new folders in Microsoft Teams.

Deactivate Notifications in Microsoft Teams

Notifications in Microsoft Teams can be very helpful to stay informed. However, they can also be annoying if they become too frequent. In this blog post, you will learn how to deactivate notifications in MS Teams.

Send Email to Microsoft Teams Channel

In this blog post, you will learn how to find out the email address of any Teams channel. Sometimes it can be useful to forward an email to a Microsoft Teams channel: For example, to pass on information quickly to your team.

Microsoft Teams Apps

Our Microsoft Teams apps help you solve specific challenges around governance, management and collaboration: from keeping your Teams environment well-structured and secure to making collaboration even easier and more efficient.

Microsoft Teams: Default Guest Permissions

When you invite a new guest in Microsoft Teams, they can enter your tenant with default permissions. In this blog post, we take a look at which features are included in the default guest permissions and which are not.

Save Links as Bookmarks in Microsoft Teams

Posting a link in Microsoft Teams is easy – however, finding that link again later is a whole other issue. Hyperlinks can help: our new app lets you save links as bookmarks in Teams and share them with your colleagues.

Microsoft Teams: Shared Channels

Shared channels are a new feature of Microsoft Teams, designed to make it easier to collaborate with people outside your own organization. The big advantage: externals see shared channels in their own environment!

How to Clear the Microsoft Teams Cache

It can be helpful to clear the Microsoft Teams cache to solve errors or strange behavior. Here you can find a step-by-step instruction as well as a PowerShell script that makes it easy to empty the MS Teams cache.

Teams Manager Release: Dynamic User Groups & More

In January 2022, we published a new release for Teams Manager with dynamic user groups with access to different templates, two-owner policy for teams, sensitivity labels, integration of MS Teams templates, …

Microsoft Teams App Management

Before launching Microsoft Teams in their organization, companies should think about Microsoft Teams App Management and how they want to handle the internal app store. Based on what we hear from our clients, …

Multi Geo Location in Microsoft Teams

Multi Geo tenants for Microsoft Teams enable global international organizations to select the location their data is stored. Teams Manager now supports multi geo teams and storing whole teams in different data locations.

Microsoft Teams: Change Guest to Member

We often get questions about how you can change a guest to a member in Microsoft Teams. Maybe you want to give a guest user more rights in Teams. Sometimes it just makes sense to change guests to members.

Files in Microsoft Teams

When you work with MS Teams, collaborating on and sharing files in Microsoft Teams is one of the main aspects. But what kind of options do you have for working with documents in Microsoft Teams? Here we take a look at the basic and some intermediate …

File Management in Microsoft Teams

There are many options and best practices for file management in Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. Find out how you can keep control of your files and folders as well as document structure in Teams.

Block Guest Access for Specific Teams in Microsoft Teams

To minimize the risk of freely added guests in Microsoft Teams, it often makes sense to disable guest access. But maybe you want to disable guest access for specific teams, not for all teams?

Improve internal communication

The topic of internal communication is present in every company – but you can make a lot of mistakes. Sending an occasional email is no longer enough in the information age. How to choose the best channels, and what to …

Microsoft Teams Security Part 3 – Security Configurations

The 3rd part of our blog series on Microsoft Teams security discusses conditional access, multi-factor authentication, security defaults, threat protection, data loss prevention, safe links etc.

Zoom vs Teams: Which video conferencing and collaboration service is the best?

Countless companies are faced with the decision: Zoom vs. Teams. We show the advantages of the two video conferencing and collaboration tools.

External User Manager Release: Bug Fixes, Webhook & More

We have published the latest release for External User Manager. Invite guests to Microsoft 365 groups, language German and English, Webhook and deactivation of existing teams for external access.

Microsoft Teams Security Part 2 – Compliance Configurations

The 2nd part of our blog series on Microsoft Teams security takes a look at communication compliance, data retention and location, audit options, the eDiscovery tools and more.

User Presence States in Microsoft Teams

There are many different user presence states in Microsoft Teams. In some cases, users can select their state by themselves, while other states are displayed automatically. What do the presence states mean?

Microsoft Teams Security Part 1 – Collaboration Aspects

In this first part of our blog series on Microsoft Teams security, we will take a look at collaboration aspects like meetings, channel moderation, apps, access, cloud recordings and information barriers.

Get Control Over Your Microsoft Teams App Permission Policy

With Microsoft Teams App Permission Policies you can allow or block specific apps and define what apps your users or your organization can use. Read on to find out how to create new app permission policies!

Teams Manager Adoption Release with Onboarding Process

With our most recent Teams Manager adoption release we have added a whole bunch of features to improve adoption, help with onboarding your users and in general make your life as an admin easier.

Adding Guests to Microsoft Teams

All you need to know about how to add guests to Microsoft Teams, set individual permissions for each Team, and decide whether to work with external file sharing or inviting external users as guests with more rights in Teams. Follow our step-by-step guide to get started!

Enable Guest Access For Microsoft Teams

All you need to know about permissions and settings for guest users in Microsoft Teams. Do you want to collaborate with users from outside your organization and still keep your data secure?

Microsoft Teams Governance Hacks for More Structure

For companies that have just started using Microsoft Teams, for organizations that know their way around Teams but are still trying to get the hang of things, and for companies that…

Metadata for Microsoft Teams: Project Number and Project Manager

Metadata was already a powerful tool in Microsoft SharePoint to create structure and process important information. With Teams Manager, it is now possible to …

Change Language in Microsoft Teams

Changing the user language in Microsoft Teams is easy! Here we show you the process in just a few quick steps. In order to change your user language in Microsoft Teams, first click on …

New Teams Manager Release: Metadata, Guest Access and more

We finally have released the new version of the Teams Manager with long awaited features at your disposal. The new Teams Manager brings us some …

Microsoft Templates vs. Teams Manager Templates: Capabilities compared

In addition to already since last year available templates of the Team Manager, Microsoft has now made available the out-of-the-box …

Create Classifications for MS Teams in Azure

Microsoft offers us the possibility to use classification labels that can be attached to a team. With these practical labels, teams can be marked clearly visible in the upper right corner to the user …

Leaving a MS Teams guest tenant

Working together with Microsoft Teams between different organizations, users are often invited as a guest to another organizations tenant. When the work is done, the authorization for […]

Create an Office 365 Test Tenant

Everybody knows that test environments are a very good idea, providing a safe place to try new features or configuration changes to products, develop scripts and tools, […]

Teams Manager Features and Infographic

Getting to know a new tool and understanding its features and limitations can be hard for IT admins, especially for platforms like Microsoft Teams with so many […]

Share files externally in Microsoft Teams

External approvals are indispensable for collaboration in most companies. Office 365 offers you very fine-tuned controls for setting up approvals. However, these are distributed across multiple Admin …

New Teams Manager Version: Naming Conventions, Policy Execution etc.

The new version 2.1.3 of Teams Manager has finally been released. With it you have a lot of long awaited new features, including naming …

Private Channels: Governance

Site collections of private channels do not appear in the SharePoint admin center for the administrator. For team members, the private channels and their site collections are also hidden if they are not members, the private channel …

Microsoft 365 Certified: Become a Teams Administrator Associate

Do you want to get deeper into Microsoft Teams or get a proof of your already acquired skills? No problem: Microsoft now offers the possibility …

Private channels in Microsoft Teams

One of the most requested features for Microsoft Teams is finally here: private channels! With the introduction of private channels, some common communication problems of larger …

Creating Teams: Everybody or nobody?

One of the biggest problems with Microsoft Teams is the assumption that it can be effortlessly applied to large organisations and can be easily accepted and intuitively […]

Microsoft Teams: How to disable Teams Creation

When enabling the Teams license in Office 365, every member within the organisation can create new teams. Giving your employees the possibility to create teams themselves and […]

How To Add Emojis To The Names Of Your Microsoft Teams Channels

Microsoft has implemented a way to further individualize your channel names in Microsoft Teams by adding images in the form of emoji icons to the name …

Microsoft Teams Team Templates

It is widely known by now that Microsoft Teams is a fun, powerful collaboration tool that comes with a host of challenges. First and foremost of those is the fact that too many new Teams are created and that there is no control …

Governance in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams are still incredibly popular. Microsoft’s relatively new collaboration tool launched in 2017 and promises high usability and fantastic adoption rates. However, this often …

Microsoft Teams Provisioning

Automatic Teams provisioning is one of the most important tools in the fight against uncontrolled growth in Microsoft Teams. As I mentioned in the blog post Governance in Microsoft Teams, the default setting of Microsoft’s …

What is Microsoft Teams?

The core aim of Microsoft Teams is to connect staff and enhance collaboration, providing an alternative to email communications. Microsoft describes it as a “digital translation of an open office space”. As its basic level […]

Microsoft Teams App development with ngrok

Ngrok is a tool which provides a public URL to your local hosted solutions. It creates a tunnel service to your localhost and functions as a DNS tool. Ngrok is used whenever a public […]

Create & Manage Microsoft 365 Groups

Microsoft 365 Groups are groups of both internal and external colleagues as well as a collection of resources that differ based on your requirements. The basis of an M365 Group is a […]

Possibilities with Microsoft Teams – Using Bots

Teams is a messaging tool that enables text communications between users, whether they are in the same office or work remotely. It supports group chat rooms with […]

Migration from SharePoint 2013 to 2016

Assume you’re migrating from SharePoint 2013 to 2016. In this article we discuss the general steps while focusing on our products: Meeting Manager, Collaboration Manager, …

SharePoint Modal Dialog does not work under SharePoint 2013

When migrating Solutions2Share License Solution from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013 the SharePoint Modal Dialog did not open.