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Microsoft Teams: Change Guest Name

Change Guest name in Microsoft Teams

Are you looking for a way in Microsoft Teams to change guest name? We’re gonna show you how!

External guest names can be edited either by team owners, or by M365 admins.

If you’re a team owner, you can change their name in Microsoft Teams while inviting guests in your team.

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How to change guest names in Microsoft Teams

Time needed: 1 minute

In order to change guest names in Microsoft Teams, simply follow these easy steps.

  1. Click the Pencil

    After entering the email address of the new member you’re willing to invite, click the pencil icon and change the guest name the way you want.Microsoft Teams: Change Guest Name

  2. Change Guest Name in M365 Admin Center

    If you have M365 Admin rights in your company, go to the M365 Admin center, go to Users > Guest Users > select the user > click Manage contact information and change the guest name in Microsoft Teams.
    Change Guest Name in M365 Admin Center

Easier Way Out: Solutions2Share’s External User Manager

External User Manager for MS Teams gives you an overview of guests in your tenant and improves your Microsoft Teams governance. With the help of the app, you can give other users approver rights and they will be able to invite guests and approve workflows together with the team owner. Onboarding portal gives you the feature to upload information and documents that should be signed. You can also set up lifecycles and automatically remove guests from your environment and Active Directory.

Keep control of guests with External User Manager:

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