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The best Tips and Tools, Video Tutorials and Workshops for your Microsoft Teams Digital Workplace

Digital Workplace in Teams

Bring all data, tools, and collaboration capabilities together in one place. Enable easier access to information and better information sharing with your MS Teams Digital Workplace!

1 – How can I implement a Digital Workplace Intranet in Microsoft Teams?

In a digital workplace environment, an organization provides all employees with information and files relevant for their work, accessible from everywhere. In combination with MS Teams, digital workplace usually means a connection to Microsoft SharePoint. Many companies have an established intranet in MS SharePoint and are now looking for a way to integrate this existing intranet into Microsoft Teams.

As Microsoft Teams has become the central communication tool for many companies, it is vital to integrate the SharePoint digital workplace here.

2 – Tools for your MS Teams Digital Workplace

The best tools for your Digital Workplace Strategy in Microsoft Teams.

Digital Workplace Intranet with Multilingual Teams Integration and Modern User Experience

Multilingual Mega Menu

The mega menu can be managed directly from Teams and can be easily configured in different languages.

Layout Templates & Easy Edit in Microsoft Teams

Choose one of three pre-defined layout templates and get started immediately with your intranet directly in MS Teams.

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Easy Teams Intranet Integration & Modern User Experience

3 – MS Teams Digital Workplace Helpful Articles, Best Practices and more

Here you can find the latest blogposts for Microsoft Teams Digital Workplace. Visit our blog for more helpful articles!

Improve internal communication

The topic of internal communication is present in every company – but you can make a lot of mistakes. Sending an occasional email is no longer enough in the information age. How to choose the best channels, and what to …

4 – Workshops for your Digital Workplace Intranet

Learn from the experts how to best implement your Microsoft Teams Digital Workplace Intranet.

Microsoft Teams Intranet Assessment Workshop

Get an overview of all the possibilities that a SharePoint intranet in Microsoft Teams offers in this workshop. Take your digital company communication to a new level!

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5 – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Digitalization in the Workplace

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions about digitalization in the workplace.

What digital workplace companies are there?

Practically every IT company will call itself a digital workplace company nowadays. To give even a brief list of the most important digital workplace companies would go far beyond the scope of this text. Suffice it to say, Microsoft SharePoint in combination with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 is one of the most powerful digital workplace environments worldwide.

How can I push for digitalization of workplace in my company?

That depends on your role. As an employee who has a digital workplace vision, we recommend talking to your IT department or CIO about your ideas and to stress the advantages for your organization. As an administrator or IT lead, a good starting point is comparing different solutions for digitalization in workplace. As mentioned above, for a modern digital workplace, Microsoft is one of the, if not THE largest providers.

What are some Microsoft Teams digital workplace best practices?

Make sure to think about digital workplace management and governance before you get started. Once you have a solution in place, it is harder to implement guidelines and regulations. For more Microsoft Teams digital workplace best practices, visit our blog!

Is there a specific Microsoft digital workplace software?

Every Microsoft product is intended to set up an IT digital workplace. The most important, in our eyes, are Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and all tools in the Microsoft 365 package. For example, take a look at our intranet solution that brings your SharePoint intranet into MS Teams.

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