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Project Overview for Project Managers and Members, Project Templates, Rule Packages and More.

Are you ready to manage Projects in Microsoft Teams?

Case Study: Projects in Microsoft Teams at Gebrüder Peters

An example of how we can help you managing projects in Teams.

GEBRÜDER PETERS saves time through automation thanks to Teams Manager

Predefined templates, lifecycles for archiving and naming conventions for uniform names of the project rooms make working in Microsoft Teams easier.


Understanding your requirements and objectives for managing Microsoft Teams projects is important to us. We listen and work together to set you up with the best tool for projects in Teams.

Why you should manage Projects in Microsoft Teams with our Tool

Read how our tool for projects in Teams have helped our customers keep control in Microsoft Teams.

For us, Teams Manager is the perfect supplement when it comes to Teams governance. It closes the gaps that are not available with native options provides by Microsoft. The use of Teams Manager has enabled us to introduce Teams in the company in a targeted and well-dosed manner.
Olaf Kropp sobre el Teams Manager

Olaf Kropp


Teams Manager offers a huge relief for us through lifecycle management. The fact that team owners can regularly decide whether a team is still needed is a good reassurance.
Katharina Schepker Portrait

Katharina Schepker


Teams Manager is the perfect complement to our governance and adoption strategy for teams. It provides a way for us to intelligently apply naming conventions, metadata, and lifecycles to teams without a request process and maintain freedom for the teams facility for trained users.
Tim Baumgartl about the Teams Manager

Andreas Zinic

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies

Since the integration of Teams Manager into our Teams Client, which allows us to create teams from templates, we finally have a fixed and strict process to manage teams, while having a great overview and control over all created teams.
Tim Baumgartl Portrait

Tim Baumgartl

AZO GmbH & Co. KG

I think the Teams Manager is an ingenious tool, which covers the current gaps of O365 teams with its functions. Due to the self-explanatory user interface and detailed documentation, the Teams Manager is ready for use in a few hours.
Tim Benkel portrait

Tim Benkel

Bechtle GmbH & Co. KG

The price is unbeatable! And in contrast to other providers, Teams Manager can be installed directly via the Microsoft Teams Store, which is a great solution. In just 10 minutes we were ready to go.
Portrait Marcel Walter

Marcel Walter

Manager Office 365 Consulting

Thanks to automatic site provisioning with different templates, the collaboration and project portal of my customer is now super easy to use.
Markus Kawollek sobre el Teams Manager

Markus Kawollek

nuboworkers GmbH


Pricing depends on a number of factors, which we would be happy to discuss with you. Arrange a free demo or send an email to [email protected].

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The advantages of managing Projects in Teams at a Glance

Manage Projects in Teams easily

Maintain control of your projects with customized meta data, favorites, project types and project templates.

Rule packages

Use Lifecycle management for finished projects, and naming conventions for Teams rooms and M365 Groups.

Compliance & Security

In combination with Microsoft out-of-the-box features such as sensitivity labels and guest access for external users.

Approval workflow

Easily integrate an approval process for new project teams.

Microsoft Teams AppStore

Get Teams Manager in the Teams AppStore and install it directly for a free trial period.

Still questions about Microsoft Teams Management?

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GDPR Compliance & IT Security

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Governance made in Germany

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