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Learn from the Governance Market Leader how Governance works for Microsoft 365

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Teams with Structure - Online Course

Have you lost control of your Microsoft Teams and are faced with the challenge of preventing uncontrolled growth? We’ll show you step-by-step what settings you can set to develop and implement your governance strategy – all with standard tools!

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Identify challenges in Teams

Identify what challenges your M365 environment faces: business concerns, user dissatisfaction, management dissatisfaction.

Develop your governance strategy

What is a governance strategy? Why is a governance strategy important and what problems can it solve? What issues does the governance strategy include?

Implement your governance strategy

How and in which components can I or do I want to implement governance for my company?

Keep control and improve your strategy

Is your governance strategy working? How can you control and improve it?

Analysis of the existing situation

What technologies and tools am I using and what are the challenges in my M365 environment?

Understand Teams Governance opportunities

How can I keep my Teams environment clean and secure? Templates, Naming conventions, Lifecycle, Teams Apps, etc..

Developing the desired situation

How and in which components can or do I want to implement governance for my company?

Implement, control and improve

Master governance in MS Teams like a boss. Implement governance and keep control with reporting, tools, etc..

Workshop - Avoid uncontrolled growth in Microsoft Teams

Let us identify the technologies used and show you what other possibilities you have with governance and Microsoft Teams. Our aim of the workshop is to establish the gap of unused governance possibilities and to create a plan how this gap can be closed.

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Managed Services

In addition to self-hosting and the SaaS variant, we offer Managed Services for an even more exclusive service. With Managed Services your concerns are handled with priority, you get the best options for your data protection and you are the first when it comes to hotfixes.

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Direct line

Get a direct line to product contact persons and benefit from an exclusive service.


Your data remains in your own environment and is therefore better protected. Book our High Security Package Vnet for even more security (optional).

Be the first

Managed Service customers receive hotfixes earlier than in the SaaS variant. In addition, you can decide on the timing of updates yourself.


Get the possibility to make adjustments according to your wishes. E.g. according to your CI.

Your Instructors

These experts bring the knowledge to improve your governance!

Hi, I'm Christian, your governance coach!

Christian Groß is a Teams Expert from the very beginning. During the last 4 years, he and his team developed 6 teams apps with over 20,000 installations worldwide, built up his own service company and also founded the largest German-speaking teams conference, which takes place four times a year.

Florian Pflanz Solutions2Share Team
Christian Groß Solutions2Share Team

Hi, I am Florian, your workshop instructor.

With more than 5 years of experience in M365 and Governance Solutions, Florian teaches the best practices and scenarios from over 400 workshops.

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