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References about our Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Solutions

This is what our customers say

Teams Manager has been helping us keep our Microsoft 365 environment organized and clean for 3 years. Since 2022 we also have External User Manager on board for our guest management. We are completely satisfied with Solutions2Share and the Teams apps.
Interzero about Solutions2Share Apps

Guenther Kerndl

Interzero Circular Solutions Europe GmbH

For us, Teams Manager is the perfect supplement when it comes to Teams governance. It closes the gaps that are not available with native options provides by Microsoft. The use of Teams Manager has enabled us to introduce Teams in the company in a targeted and well-dosed manner.
Olaf Kropp sobre el Teams Manager

Olaf Kropp


External User Manager is very easy to use, super fast to install and a great addition to an extensive governance strategy even for SMBs. It is our GO TO application when it comes to guest management in Microsoft 365.
Christian Gorn about External User Manager

Christian Gorn

Sales Representative, GABO mbH & Co. KG

GROB prevents uncontrolled growth in Microsoft Teams

GROB prevents uncontrolled growth in Microsoft Teams with External User Manager and Teams Manager

GROB recognized the danger of uncontrolled growth when introducing Microsoft Teams early on and was looking for an approach to carry out the rollout in a structured and controlled manner.

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Teams Manager structures Microsoft Teams for AEWB

With Teams Manager, AEWB is now able to create team templates with channels and apps for uniform teams. Lifecycles for archiving inactive teams and naming conventions for consistent naming help employees stay on top of things.

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Lifecycles and naming conventions in Microsoft Teams at Pfleiderer

The introduction of the Teams Manager at Pfleiderer was intended to avoid
uncontrolled growth and provide more structure from the outset.

Structure, consistency and control for GOLDBECK SOLAR

The implementation of Teams Manager was intended to fight the uncontrolled growth that had occurred in the beginning and to provide more control and structure for new project teams.

Project portal for real estate construction in SharePoint Online for STRENGER (german)

The new portal makes work easier for employees and external parties: searching for a plan is easy thanks to naming conventions and metadata.

Improved event planning: a Summit 365 success story

Summit 365 GmbH uses MindMap by Solutions2Share for event planning, collaboration, visualization of ideas, and integration with Teams Channel and Planner.

GEBRÜDER PETERS saves time through automation thanks to Teams Manager

Predefined templates, lifecycles for archiving and naming conventions for uniform names of the project rooms make working in Microsoft Teams easier.

Structure in Microsoft Teams for the German Red Cross in the Gütersloh district

The structure in Microsoft Teams is now much clearer thanks to uniform names, templates, and automatic removal of teams that are no longer needed.

Structure Microsoft Teams with these tools

Teams Manager icon

Structure Microsoft Teams and keep control with the easiest Governance Tool

Teams Manager
External User Manager logo

Manage guest users in Microsoft Teams and maintain control over your data

External User Manager
File Explorer logo

Document management with ordered folder structure, permissions and more

File Manager
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