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Structure, consistency and control for GOLDBECK SOLAR

Structure, consistency and control for GOLDBECK SOLAR



Customer Size

< 400 employees

GOLDBECK SOLAR started in 2020 with the implementation of Microsoft Teams to provide virtual project spaces for employees. This was meant to facilitate projects in the future and promote collaboration. From the beginning, Microsoft Teams was very helpful for the project business of planning and constructing solar power plants.

The implementation of Teams Manager was intended to fight the uncontrolled growth that had occurred in the beginning and to provide more control and structure for new project teams. Standardized templates in combination with an approval process, naming conventions and lifecycles enable employees to find their orientation more easily. As a result, there is now much greater efficiency in the daily processes of project management.

“​The Microsoft Teams system has become simpler and more structured with the Teams Manager.​“ ​Sabrina Janta, Head of Process & Product Management at GOLDBECK SOLAR

Challenges at GOLDBECK

In 2020, GOLDBECK SOLAR, an international company specializing in the construction of photovoltaic power plants, started using Microsoft Teams for project management.

In the project business of solar power plant planning and construction, GOLDBECK SOLAR used Teams for collaborative customer projects with people involved from different departments. Initial liberties led to many teams, some of which remained unused.

The challenges: Limit uncontrolled growth, offer user-friendly project templates, minimize maintenance effort. The goal was to use Microsoft Teams to support the company’s growth (over 250 employees in 2.5 years).

Teams Manager was to provide structure and consistency.

Our solution for GOLDBECK

GOLDBECK SOLAR found Teams Manager through a recommendation from the consultant Alexander Eggers. It was chosen because of its precise naming conventions, simple lifecycles and customizable templates, which were urgently needed.

The use of Teams Manager is diverse and detailed: Templates for departments, internal and customer projects including channel and file storage structures provide more organization. Standard naming of new teams is ensured by naming conventions. Automatic life cycles archive teams that are no longer relevant.

GOLDBECK SOLAR recommends booking a setup workshop to save time when setting up Teams Manager.​

Benefit for GOLDBECK

With Teams Manager, GOLDBECK SOLAR optimized internal processes: There are now clear procedures for requesting and approving new project teams. Suitable teams for all use cases are available to employees at the push of a button. Thanks to standardized structures, the 380 users can orient themselves more quickly and work more efficiently. Naming conventions help to find the desired team more easily. Archiving after the end of the project’s life keeps the uncontrolled growth under control.​

About 600 active teams and 400 archived teams, totaling about 1000 managed teams.

About 540 teams are public; about 230 teams have guests working on the project and have access.

3 active templates with policies, naming conventions and life cycles.

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