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Lifecycles and naming conventions in Microsoft Teams at Pfleiderer

Lifecycles and naming conventions in Microsoft Teams at Pfleiderer


Pfleiderer Deutschland GmbH

Customer Size

< 2500 employees

Pfleiderer Deutschland GmbH began introducing Microsoft Teams in 2019 to speed up and improve internal communication. The introduction of the Teams Manager took place at the same time and was intended to avoid uncontrolled growth and provide more structure from the outset. Standardized templates in conjunction with an internal ticket system for the request process ensure that the correct naming conventions and life cycles are triggered. This has resulted in significantly greater efficiency in daily processes.

“​The Teams Manager appealed to us at first sight and we have been completely satisfied with the product ever since.​“ ​Timo Bauer, IT Administrator at Pfleiderer Deutschland GmbH

Challenges at Pfleiderer

In 2019, Pfleiderer Deutschland GmbH, an international company specializing in the sustainable production of engineered wood, started using Microsoft Teams.

The initial situation was to introduce Microsoft Teams and use Teams Manager directly to avoid uncontrolled growth of the teams.

Initially, there were only a handful of teams, but several requests for new teams quickly emerged. There were to be both departmental teams and project teams. One challenge was that teams had to be requested internally and created via IT.

No other solutions had been tried in advance, as the head of department was convinced of the Teams Manager idea from the outset.

Our solution for Pfleiderer

The decision in favor of Teams Manager was based on a recommendation in the Microsoft Business User Forum.

The most important reasons for the decision were the simple administration, the template function and the low cost of the Software-as -a-Service (SaaS) solution.

Teams Manager helped to set up a managed Teams environment from the outset and prevent wild growth.

Solutions2Share supported the company by conducting a workshop that enabled rapid implementation.

New teams were created that met IT’s requirements and lifecycle management was simplified.​

Benefit for Pfleiderer

Users benefit from the fact that the teams created have a predefined structure and are clearer. Only a few apps were released and there are predefined channels (meeting and general). The Teams Manager made work easier for the IT administrators, as teams are automatically archived according to time stamps and the creation of new teams is simplified using the templates. The governance app supports the company in working with Microsoft Teams by enabling faster processes, is always stable and has been in use for four years.​

With 3 active templates including guidelines and lifecycles, a small group of people control the creation of teams.

To date, around 130 requests have already been approved via the Teams Manager.

The launch of the Team Manager went smoothly. The IT employees got to know all the functions in a kick-off workshop.

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