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Streamlining Team Creation with Teams Manager at Midwest BankCentre

Streamlining Team Creation with Teams Manager


Midwest BankCentre

Customer Size

> 180 employees

Midwest BankCentre was struggling with an exponential increase in the number of new teams being created by its employees in Microsoft Teams.

Teams were popping up for everything imaginable, leading to a chaotic and unregulated digital workspace. Controlling not just the creation but also the relevance of these teams to business objectives had become a primary concern.

After researching solutions on the internet, the organization found Teams Manager. The key driver for selecting this product was its capability to regulate the creation and thematic alignment of Microsoft Teams with the company’s business needs.

“​The user adoption went very well.“ Chuck Whitaker, SVP Information Technology at Midwest BankCentre

Challenges at Midwest BankCentre

Midwest BankCentre, a community bank located in and around St. Louis, Missouri, was struggling with an uncontrolled surge of Microsoft Teams channels and teams, created indiscriminately and without governance. This significant increase of teams, often irrelevant to actual work, led to a cluttered digital environment, compromising efficiency and focus.

The pressing challenge was to establish oversight and ensure that each team served a clear business purpose. Without intervention, the digital disarray threatened to overwhelm the organization’s collaborative efforts. The situation necessitated a solution to regain control and reorient the use of Microsoft Teams to bring back control and structure to the company’s environment.

Our solution for Midwest BankCentre

In pursuit of a solution to manage the proliferation of Microsoft Teams, the organization discovered Teams Manager through an online search.

This tool was a game-changer, equipped to administer the creation of new teams with a focus on maintaining relevance to the company’s core activities. Teams Manager came with a structured framework, allowing the organization to provide predefined templates to its employees that streamlined the team creation process. This not only prevented the creation of superfluous teams but also ensured that each new team was purpose-built and aligned with business objectives.

Teams Manager integrated directly into Microsoft Teams, leading to easy user adoption, improved governance and a more efficient use of the collaboration platform.​

Benefit for Midwest BankCentre

Teams Manager is utilized across the organization as a pivotal tool for governing the creation and management of new teams in Microsoft Teams. Through Teams Manager, users are provided with a selection of predefined templates, which serve as blueprints for establishing new teams with specific purposes and structures in place. This ensures consistency and strategic alignment with the organization’s objectives.

Network administrators, who once spent considerable time policing active teams, are now able to work more efficiently, as Teams Manager requires new teams to be approved before they are created. As a result, every employee interacts with the product, using it as the standard protocol for requesting new teams. This has unified the process and mitigated the creation of redundant or off-topic teams, fostering a more efficient and organized digital collaboration environment.​

Reduction in extraneous teams through mandatory approval process

Universal adoption of Teams Manager by all employees across the organization

5 standardized team creation templates actively in use

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