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Microsoft Teams Document Management

File Explorer and DMS with File Manager for Microsoft Teams

DMS and digital archiving with File Manager for Microsoft Teams
Document Management in Microsoft Teams with File Manager

Permissions for documents

See who has access, share individual documents or even entire folders with people and keep track of confidential data.

Ordered folder structure

Build on your familiar folder structures and display them fully integrated in Microsoft Teams.

Preview, metadata & notes

View document previews fully integrated with Microsoft Teams and enrich documents with your notes and metadata.


Maintain control over all documents and the assignment of rights. Give your users a familiar overview of all relevant documents and work together more efficiently with the File Manager’s advanced functions for Microsoft Teams file management.

Document Management for Microsoft Teams

Bring the full power of SharePoint document management directly to Teams.

Explore document libraries and folder structures, create custom views, share documents both internally and externally directly from Teams.

Assign tasks, notes, or metadata to documents and get a quick document preview of any data type.

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Understanding your requirements and objectives for Microsoft Teams file management is important to us. We listen and work together to set you up with the best tool for your document management in Microsoft Teams.

File exploring

Teams StandardStarterProfessional
(Coming soon)
(Coming soon)
Document library tree view navigationggg
Folder navigationggg
Custom viewsgggg
Document propertiesggg
Permission overviewggg

File handling

Teams StandardStarterProfessional
(Coming soon)
(Coming soon)
External sharing (Coming soon)ggg
Moving / coping between Teams / doclibs and foldersggg
Uploading direct in folder structuregggg
Chat on document (Coming soon)ggg
Edit metadata (Coming soon)ggg
Edit permissionsgg

File creation

Teams StandardStarterProfessional
(Coming soon)
(Coming soon)
All Microsoft file typesgggg
Custom document template librarygg

Document preview

Teams StandardStarterProfessional
(Coming soon)
(Coming soon)
Microsoft formatsgggg
Google formatsgggg

Document processing

Teams StandardStarterProfessional
(Coming soon)
(Coming soon)
File annotationsg
File tasksg
Start workflow on documentg


Teams StandardStarterProfessional
(Coming soon)
(Coming soon)
Office addon integrationg
Outlook integrationg

Client testimonials

We are very proud of our Microsoft Teams document management tool. Read what we have already received as feedback.

Dominik Bachmann

IT Admin

“Everybody that is used to a regular File Explorer will love this.“
Karsten Ehlert

M365 Head of Department

“The preview feature for Documents is just awesome. It saves so much time when you dont have to open every single file to find what you are looking for.“
George Hutton

Chief Information Officer

“Coming from a File Server Environment to Microsoft Teams File Manager makes it way easier to addapt to this new environment.“


Document Management in Microsoft Teams
Starting from 1,00
/ user / month*
File Explorer
Tree View Navigation
Folder Navigation
Properties Preview
Roles Overview
Document Preview

Please note: Mandatory support is not included.

*Only available as annual subscription. Prices without tax.

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