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Manage External Access in Microsoft Teams

Reporting, Monitoring and Access Management

Manage external access in Microsoft Teams

External User

Approval workflow

Stay in control with the Integrate Approval Workflow and let users create a guest access request in one simple process.

Access Control

Keep the overview with the external user permission overview and the external user access history and create rules for NDA and GDPR.


Display active and inactive users, receive notifications about rule violations and stay in control of your environment.


Maintain control over your data by easily managing external users in Microsoft Teams.

External User Management for Microsoft Teams

Delegate responsibility directly to your team owners and control access in the background with detailed reports.

Use our approval workflow and let users submit requests for guest access.

Prevent sprawl in your system by restricting access time and controlling activity levels and remove external users automatically from the system.

Restrict access time and control activity levels for external users in Microsoft Teams
Governance automationExternal User Manager
User requestg
Approval workflowg
  Custom user metadata fieldsg
  External user types (partner, customer, supplier, competitor)g
  Naming conventiong
  Retention policiesg
Lifecycle managementg
  based on timeg
  based on triggersg
    Metadata informationg
    Inactive userg
Access Rulesg
  Channel permission rulesg
  Teams permission rulesg
  Folder/File Permission rulesg
Adoption governanceg
  Onboarding Portalg
    Teams adoption rule conceptg
    Teams before onboardingg
    DSGVO / NDA / Enduser acceptg
ComplianceExternal User Manager
Access Controlg
  External user permission overviewg
  External user access historyg
Rules Controlg
  End user agreement check and historyg
  NDA check and historyg
  GDPR check and historyg
Team Owner InformationExternal User Manager
External user overviewg
Permission overviewg
Access historyg
Access requestsg
Violation overviewg
Access review overviewg
SecurityExternal User Manager
Privacy (public and private external user)g
Guest access (on/off)g
Access review processg
Violation overviewg
BotExternal User Manager
Lifecycle notificationg
Existing external user structuring botg
Access review notificationg
Document signing notificationg
Violation notificationg
ReportingExternal User Manager
Inactive userg
Active userg
Access review reportg
Compliance reportg
Permission overview and historyg
UsabilityExternal User Manager
Employee training solutiong
Training videosg
EnterpriseExternal User Manager
Webhook implementationg
SharePoint Site Blockerg
Rest APIg
Internal billing reports for tenantg
Add flow to approval processg
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