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Manage Guest Users in Microsoft Teams

Reporting, Monitoring and Access Management of Guest Users in Microsoft Teams for IT Admins

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Guest Management in Microsoft Teams

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Guest user management in Microsoft Teams

As an IT admin, you know these challenges?

  • Missing overview of all externals on the tenant
  • Lack of overview of which teams guests have access to
  • Difficult manual process for non-disclosure agreements
  • Lack of protection for sensitive data
  • No lifecycles – guests have to be removed manually

This is how External User Manager helps:

  • Easy overview of all guests
  • Directly identify which teams guests have access to
  • Onboarding portal with custom non-disclosure agreements or privacy policies that guests need to sign before being allowed to access your environment
  • Automated lifecycles to remove inactive guests
  • Automated access reviews and lifecycles to review or remove guests after a set period of time


Maintain control over your data by easily managing guest users in Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 groups. Keep control of your guests with these external user services.

Features for your Guest User Management in Teams

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The Features of the External User Manager at a Glance

Governance automation

 External User Manager
Guest request in Microsoft Teamsg
Guest request in Microsoft 365 groupsg
Approval workflowg
  Custom guest metadata fieldsg
PoliciesComing soon
  Naming conventionComing soon
  Retention policiesComing soon
  ClassificationsComing soon
Lifecycle managementg
  based on timeg
  based on triggersComing soon
    Metadata informationComing soon
    Inactive guestsComing soon
Access Rulesg
  Channel permission rulesg
  Teams permission rulesg
Adoption governanceg
  Onboarding Portalg
    Teams adoption rule conceptg
    DSGVO / NDA / Guest user acceptg
Webjob: Deactivation of existing teams for external accessg


 External User Manager
Access Controlg
  Guest user permission overviewComing soon
  Guest user access historyComing soon
Rules Controlg
  Guest user agreement check and historyg
  NDA check and historyg
  GDPR check and historyg

Team Owner Information

 External User Manager
Guest user overviewg
Permission overviewg
Access historyg
Access requestsg
Access review overviewg


 External User Manager
Guest access (on/off)g
Access review processg


 External User Manager
Lifecycle notificationg
Existing guest user structuring botComing soon
Access review notificationg


 External User Manager
Inactive guestsComing soon
Active guestsg
Access review reportg
Compliance reportg
Permission overview and historyComing soon


 External User Manager
Employee training solutiong
Training videosg

Enterprise (optional)

 External User Manager
Webhook implementationg
SharePoint Site Blockerg
Rest APIg
Add flow to approval processg
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Understanding your requirements and objectives for external user services is important to us. We listen and work together to set you up with the best tool for keeping control of your guest users in Microsoft Teams.

Manage Guests in Microsoft Teams - Quick Demo

Manage Guests in Microsoft Teams | Quick Demo

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Guest User Management in Teams
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/ user / month*
External User Requests
Approval Workflow
Naming & Retention Policies
Lifecycle Management
Access Rules
Adoption Governance
Permission Overview
Access History

Please note: Mandatory support is not included.

*Only available as annual subscription. Prices without tax.

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Microsoft Teams Guest User Management FAQ

A list of frequently asked questions concerning guest user management in Teams.

Can I centrally control guest access for all teams in Microsoft Teams?

For a good governance structure, it is very important to control guest access to individual teams. Depending on the strategy and type of existing team, guest access can be allowed or blocked. The External User Manager makes it very easy to automatically disable guest access for all teams located on the tenant. If you want to exclude individual teams, you can add them to a whitelist.

How do I keep track of all guest accesses in Microsoft Teams?

If people outside your own company have access to entire projects or individual documents via Teams, it is very important to keep track of these accesses. In the request overview of the External User Manager, administrators can see all guest requests that have been approved, rejected or are up for review. Here, the respective status, as well as the team affiliation, the access time and much more information can be viewed.

What do I do with inactive guests on my tenant?

Especially in projects, Teams as a collaboration software enables different people to work together. After a successful project completion, it often happens that both the teams and their guest accesses are forgotten – however, the access remains without any manual effort. With the External User Manager, you can assign a lifecycle to each active guest. This automatically initiates a new check by the team owner after a self-definable period of time. If the user is removed from the last team, the External User Manager can automatically remove him from Azure AD. Thus, no data garbage is created in the background.

Do I have to create guests manually in Azure AD to manage them?

Guest accounts can generally be created individually in Azure AD. For guests added to a team or requested for a team using External User Manager, an Azure AD guest account is created after the process is complete.

Do I need special permissions to use External User Manager?

Teams users often have different permissions. External User Manager can be downloaded and installed from the Microsoft Teams App Store within minutes. During the initial installation, the tenant admin must initially grant the External User Manager a permission set. Any additional users or administrators of the app do not require any special permissions.

Who is responsible for guest requests in Microsoft Teams?

Typically, only IT administrators or M365 consultants are authorized to control settings in the Teams Admin Center and Azure AD. With External User Manager, you can share this responsibility. The person who initially installs the External User Manager on the tenant is created as the External User Manager administrator. This person can add additional administrators or pass on responsibility to team owners about their teams’ guest requests.

Can I get a report of all guest accesses in Microsoft Teams?

For auditing purposes, it is important to back up information about accounts, especially if they have had access to the corporate tenant and associated data. With External User Manager, you can have each guest go through an onboarding process before accessing the tenant. In this process, External User Manager administrators can have guests sign confidentiality documents, fill in user-definable metadata fields, or watch videos. Only then are guest users granted access to the tenant and to a team. This information can be downloaded and archived as an access report for each active guest access.

More about Microsoft Teams Governance

For more information about the External User Manager and Microsoft Teams Governance, please visit our Microsoft Teams Governance topic page.

The advantages of the External User Manager at a glance

Approval Workflow

Stay in control with the Integrate Approval Workflow and let users create a guest access request in one simple process.

Access Control

Keep the overview with the guest user permission overview and the guest user access history and create rules for NDA and GDPR.

Guest User Reporting

Display active and inactive users, receive notifications about rule violations and stay in control of your environment.

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GDPR Compliance & IT Security

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