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Manage Guest Users in Microsoft Teams

Reporting, Monitoring and Access Management

Guest Management in Microsoft Teams

External User

Approval Workflow

Stay in control with the Integrate Approval Workflow and let users create a guest access request in one simple process.

Access Control

Keep the overview with the guest user permission overview and the guest user access history and create rules for NDA and GDPR.

Guest User Reporting

Display active and inactive users, receive notifications about rule violations and stay in control of your environment.


Maintain control over your data by easily managing guest users in Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 groups.

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Governance automation

External User Manager
User request in Microsoft Teams g
User request in Microsoft 365 groups g
Approval workflow g
Metadata g
  Custom user metadata fields g
  Guest user types (partner, customer, supplier, competitor) g
Policies g
  Naming convention g
  Retention policies g
  Classifications g
Lifecycle management g
  based on time g
  based on triggers g
    Metadata information g
    Inactive user g
Access Rules g
  Channel permission rules g
  Teams permission rules g
  Folder/File Permission rules g
Adoption governance g
  Onboarding Portal g
    LMS g
    Certificates g
    Teams adoption rule concept g
    Teams before onboarding g
    DSGVO / NDA / Enduser accept g
Webjob: Deactivation of existing teams for external access g
    Whitelist g


External User Manager
Access Control g
  Guest user permission overview g
  Guest user access history g
Rules Control g
  End user agreement check and history g
  NDA check and history g
  GDPR check and history g

Team Owner Information

External User Manager
Guest user overview g
Permission overview g
Access history g
Access requests g
Violation overview g
Access review overview g


External User Manager
Privacy (public and private guest user) g
Classifications g
Guest access (on/off) g
Access review process g
Violation overview g


External User Manager
Lifecycle notification g
Existing guest user structuring bot g
Access review notification g
Document signing notification g
Violation notification g


External User Manager
Inactive user g