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Approval Workflow, Lifecycle, Naming Conventions, Metadata and Templates for your Microsoft Teams Management

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Microsoft Teams Management

Keep control of your Microsoft Teams infrastructure and prevent uncontrolled growth.

Better overview

Use Lifecycle Management to get rid of inactive Teams, and Naming Conventions for a better overview in the MS Teams list.


Provide your users with preconfigured templates and improve collaboration throughout MS Teams.

Approval workflow

Easily integrate an approval process with automatic workflows.

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Microsoft Teams Management Features

Keep control of your Microsoft Teams environment with our
powerful Microsoft Teams management tools.

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Software as a Service

Save money and gain more flexibility with Teams Manager as Software as a Service.


Self-hosting is also possible for Teams Manager.

Governance automation

 Teams ManagerMicrosoft Teams
out of the box
Team requestg 
Approval workflowg 
Template cataloggg
  Download & upload templatesg 
  Custom templatesgg
  Naming conventionsg 
  Lifecycle managementg 
Sensitivity labelsg 
Integrate existing teamsg 
Policy conditionsg 
Duplicate detectiong 
Recurring policy checksComing soon 
Classify new created teams automaticallyg 


 Teams ManagerMicrosoft Teams
out of the box
Template based on a teamgonly copy
Planner with predefined tasksg 
OneNote with contentg 
SharePoint artifactsg 
Predefined templatesg 
Folder structureg 
Member permissiong 


 Teams ManagerMicrosoft Teams
out of the box
Notification in Teamsg 
Bot communicationg 
Training videosgg
Employee training solutiongg
User focused bot communicationg 


 Teams ManagerMicrosoft Teams
out of the box
Teams overviewg 
Enterprise meta datag 
Information Tabg 


 Teams ManagerMicrosoft Teams
out of the box
Guest accessgmanually
Compliance processExternal User
Sensitivity labelsg 
Lifecycle for guestsExternal User Manager 
Different guest access for different teamsg 


 Teams ManagerMicrosoft Teams
out of the box
Ownerless teamsgAdmincenter
Unused teamsgAdmincenter
Teams usagegAdmincenter
Inactive teamsComing soonAdmincenter
Externally released teamsComing soonAdmincenter
External user usageComing soonAdmincenter


 Teams ManagerMicrosoft Teams
out of the box
Webhook implementation Webhook
Package / Enterprise
REST API access Webhook
Package / Enterprise
Flow integration Webhook
Package / Enterprise
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Understanding your requirements and objectives for Microsoft Teams management tools is important to us. We listen and work together to set you up with the best tool for Microsoft Teams management.

Client Testimonials about our Microsoft Teams Management Tool

We are very proud of Teams Manager. Read how our Microsoft Teams management tools have helped our customers keep control in Microsoft Teams.

Teams Manager is the perfect complement to our governance and adoption strategy for teams. It provides a way for us to intelligently apply naming conventions, metadata, and lifecycles to teams without a request process and maintain freedom for the teams facility for trained users.
Tim Baumgartl about the Teams Manager

Andreas Zinic

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies

Teams Manager offers a huge relief for us through lifecycle management. The fact that team owners can regularly decide whether a team is still needed is a good reassurance.
Katharina Schepker Portrait

Katharina Schepker


Since the integration of Teams Manager into our Teams Client, which allows us to create teams from templates, we finally have a fixed and strict process to manage teams, while having a great overview and control over all created teams.
Tim Baumgartl Portrait

Tim Baumgartl

AZO GmbH & Co. KG

I think the Teams Manager is an ingenious tool, which covers the current gaps of O365 teams with its functions. Due to the self-explanatory user interface and detailed documentation, the Teams Manager is ready for use in a few hours.
Tim Benkel portrait

Tim Benkel

Bechtle GmbH & Co. KG

The price is unbeatable! And in contrast to other providers, Teams Manager can be installed directly via the Microsoft Teams Store, which is a great solution. In just 10 minutes we were ready to go.
Portrait Marcel Walter

Marcel Walter

Manager Office 365 Consulting

Thanks to automatic site provisioning with different templates, the collaboration and project portal of my customer is now super easy to use.
Portrait Markus Kawollek

Markus Kawollek

nuboworkers GmbH


Small (1-249 users)
/ month*
Teams Templates
Teams Provisioning
Approval Process
Governance & Lifecycle
Naming Conventions
Medium (250-999 users)
/ month*
Teams Templates
Teams Provisioning
Approval Process
Governance & Lifecycle
Naming Conventions
Large (1.000-4.000 users)
/ month*
Teams Templates
Teams Provisioning
Approval Process
Governance & Lifecycle
Naming Conventions
XL (> 4.000 users, per user)
/ month*
Teams Templates
Teams Provisioning
Approval Process
Governance & Lifecycle
Naming Conventions
Enterprise Edition
Additional Features
Multi Geo
Different Templates for different User Groups
SharePoint Provisioning
Create Yammer Groups
Executive User Feature
Unmanaged Bot
Webhook Package for Flows & Azure Functions
... And More!
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Teams Manager FAQ

A list of frequently asked questions concerning our Teams Manager.

Can I try Teams Manager for free?

Yes! There is a 14 day free trial version available when you install the Teams Manager App from the Microsoft Teams App Store or directly from Microsoft AppSource. The trial version includes all Microsoft Teams management tools Teams Manager offers.

Is support included?

We provide extensive documentation and detailed, step-by-step video tutorials. If you are interested in remote support via Microsoft Teams or support by phone, please contact us at [email protected] for our support prices.

Can I pay by invoice?

If you want to buy the Teams Manager without credit card we will make you an offer and send you a normal invoice. After the payment we will activate your license on your Microsoft Teams tenant.

How can I access my invoices?

You can access your invoices in our customer portal. Of course you get your invoices via e-mail as well.

Blog Posts about Microsoft Teams Management

Here you can find some of our Teams Manager and Microsoft Teams Mamagement related blog posts.

Teams Manager Release: Dynamic User Groups & More

In January 2022, we published a new release for Teams Manager with dynamic user groups with access to different templates, two-owner policy for teams, sensitivity labels, integration of MS Teams templates, …

Microsoft Teams Governance Hacks for More Structure

For companies that have just started using Microsoft Teams, for organizations that know their way around Teams but are still trying to get the hang of things, and for companies that…

Metadata for Microsoft Teams: Project Number and Project Manager

Metadata was already a powerful tool in Microsoft SharePoint to create structure and process important information. With Teams Manager, it is now possible to …

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Microsoft Teams Management FAQ

A list of frequently asked questions concerning Microsoft Teams Management.

How do I manage Microsoft Teams?

The question of how to manage Microsoft Teams is not an easy one. There are a lot of different elements to Microsoft Teams management. There is governance of the Teams environment and structure itself, but also governance of guest users, governance of third-party apps, permission management, data security and many many more. We offer a Microsoft Teams governance workshop where you can gain an overview of what is necessary to successfully manage Microsoft Teams.

Is it possible to request new teams in Microsoft Teams?

Basically, there is no standard process from Microsoft to request new Teams. The easiest way is to use the Teams Manager from the Teams App Store. However, a request process via a Power App can also help.

How do I set the lifecycle of a team?

Retention policies for M365 groups can be created directly in the Admin Center. See the documentation on how to create and configure retention policies. However, only one policy can be rolled out to all teams in the Admin Center. Type-specific lifecycles for teams that serve different purposes can be defined using Teams Manager.

How do I archive a team in Microsoft Teams?

Any Teams Owner can manually archive teams via the “Manage Teams” feature. An automated process for archiving and reactivating teams is provided by Teams Manager. This way, the owner is directly reminded and asked if he still needs a team. Teams can also be reactivated via this function.

Where can I configure team templates?

The configuration of the templates can be done in the Teams Admin Center by a person with the appropriate authorization. However, these templates are very limited and cannot deliver content with them. Teams Manager even allows predefined content in One Note and Planner with its own templates.

How do I define naming conventions in teams?

Different naming conventions for teams with different purposes can only be defined in Teams via third-party providers like Teams Manager. Here you can easily decide when to apply which naming convention for a team.

Can I force a second owner when creating Teams?

Microsoft Teams only requires one owner when creating new teams. An additional owner can be enforced via the Teams Manager.


More about Microsoft Teams Governance

For more information about the Teams Manager and Microsoft Teams Governance, please visit our Microsoft Teams Governance topic page.

Still questions about Microsoft Teams Management? Let's get in touch!

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GDPR Compliance & IT Security

Solutions2Share offers fully GDRP compliant data protection and highest-level IT security, with an extensive security concept covering all contingencies.

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Governance made in Germany

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