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Block SharePoint from Microsoft Teams with Blocker for SharePoint

Keep control of your Teams and SharePoint environment! The Blocker is customizable and has a white list.

SharePoint Site Templates and Provisioning

Collaboration Manager offers provisioning for SharePoint sites, groups and Microsoft Teams, based on customized templates.

File Management and File Explorer for Microsoft Teams

File Manager gives you easiers access to all your files in MS Teams. You no longer need to switch between different teams to access different files.

External User Manager: Manage Guests in Microsoft Teams | Demo

In this short External User Manager demo we show you how easy it is to manage guests in Microsoft Teams.

External User Manager Setup and Configuration in Microsoft Teams

Learn how to get started with setup and configuration of External User Manager for Microsoft Teams.

Set up the Onboarding Portal for Externals in Microsoft Teams

Learn how to set up the External User Manager onboarding portal for externals in Microsoft Teams for more security and compliance.

Onboarding a new guest in Microsoft Teams with External User Manager

External User Manager provides an invitation and approval process for guests in Microsoft Teams.

Download Documents/NDAs Signed by Guest Users in MS Teams

Direct your guest users to an onboarding and compliance portal and let them sign documents.

Restart Onboarding & Compliance Process for Guest Users

Restart onboarding and your existing guest users have to fill out the metadata fields and sign the documents again.

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