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Naming Conventions for Microsoft Teams with Teams Manager

How to create naming conventions in MS Teams?

In this video we demonstrate how to create a new naming convention in the Teams Manager app.

After navigating to the app’s settings tab, the user can choose “naming conventions” to create a new one. They can give their naming convention a name and description and then set conventions for teams, OneNote, and tasks. The user can choose to add a prefix, selecting custom to create their own, or choose from team names, template names, or metadata for naming. They can also add a suffix to the naming convention. Once the naming convention is created, the user needs to create a policy package and an execution policy to apply it. The video provides a step-by-step guide for creating a new naming convention.

In order to apply your naming conventions to your MS Teams, you need to create a Governance policy and a policy execution definition as a next step.

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