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Download Documents/NDAs Signed by Guest Users in MS Teams

In this video, the new update for External User Manager is explained. With this update, it is now possible to view and download signed documents and filled metadata fields of external guests.

How to download documents/NDAs of external guests

To access this feature, users need to open the External User Manager app and select the Requests tab. They can click on the corresponding request to see an overview of all the data that the external user entered during onboarding. If a document was added to the onboarding process, users can download it by clicking the download button next to the document. The document will download in PDF format, and users can view the signature details on the last page. Users also have the option to download a full report with the metadata fields filled in. It is important to note that users who already have access do not need to fill out the onboarding again when they are added to another team, unless the user has been removed in the meantime or the onboarding has been manually renewed.

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