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Collaboration in Microsoft Teams

Make your daily work and collaboration in Microsoft Teams easier. Create the environment in Microsoft Teams that lets you work and collaborate better!

1 – What is Teams Collaboration, and why is it important to me?

Microsoft Teams is THE collaboration tool out there right now, and it has the potential to become as central as internet browsers or email clients. Every organization working with Microsoft Teams has to understand in what way Microsoft Teams influences collaboration and what they can do to make the best use of it.

Three buzzwords for working together in MS Teams are communication, collaboration and productivity. What does that mean? The most important parts of Microsoft Teams collaboration is discussing topics with colleagues in one place, working together on files (co-authoring), brainstorming on projects and just sharing information in general.

MS Teams collaboration is incredibly important to keep all of your employees up to date and on the same level. Working together and having access to the same data improves team spirit and motivation.

2 – Tools for MS Teams Collaboration

Use these tools for your collaboration in Microsoft Teams.

Collaboration in Teams made easier with File Explorer and Document Management System

Familiar Folder Structure

Give your users a familiar overview of all relevant documents.

Preview, Metadata & Notes

View document previews fully integrated and add notes and metadata.

Permissions for Documents

Maintain control over all documents and the assignment of rights.

Find out more about File Manager
Document Management for Microsoft Teams
Create Mindmaps in Microsoft Teams with MindMap - the Powerful and Fully Integrated Mindmap Tool

Mindmaps in Microsoft Teams for better Microsoft Teams Collaboration

Add Notes

Add notes to your mind maps to include all important information.

Set References

Set references to create connections between different childs.

Add your Mindmap to a Teams Channel

Share your mindmap in a teams channel and work on it with your colleagues.

Take a look at MindMap

Save Links to Websites, Files, Conversations as Microsoft Teams Bookmarks

Structured Overview of your Bookmarks

Get an overview of all your links and link lists. Set your link as a favorite, sort them into link lists and more.

Manage your Bookmarks and Categories

Manage your links easily. Add new categories and add links to your link lists.

Private or together in the Teams Channel

Create private link lists or add link lists to a Microsoft Teams channel and work together on them.

Learn more about Hyperlinks
Save links to websites, files, conversations as Microsoft Teams Bookmarks

3 – Teams Collaboration Helpful Articles, Best Practices and more

Here you can find the latest blogposts for Microsoft Teams Collaboration. Visit our blog for more helpful articles!

File Manager Now Available on Microsoft AppSource

Solutions2Share announced the availability of File Manager on Microsoft AppSource, an online cloud marketplace providing tailored line-of-business solutions. With File Manager, users can quickly access files in different teams …

Create New Folders in Microsoft Teams

As it is way easier to navigate through a nice and clean folder structure than through hundreds of individual, unstructured documents, we will show you how to create new folders in Microsoft Teams.

Files in Microsoft Teams

When you work with MS Teams, collaborating on and sharing files in Microsoft Teams is one of the main aspects. But what kind of options do you have for working with documents in Microsoft Teams? Here we take a look at the basic and some intermediate …

4 – Video-Tutorials for Collaboration in Microsoft Teams

Filter by product and discover video tutorials that can help you with your MS Teams Collaboration.

Save Links as Bookmarks in Microsoft Teams – Live Demo

With the Hyperlinks app, you can save links as bookmarks in Microsoft Teams. Create different link categories for a better overview. Save links for …

Microsoft Teams Links – Save Your Links with Hyperlinks

Bookmarks in Microsoft Teams: save links to websites, teamsites, files or conversations with the Hyperlinks app.

Create Mindmaps in Microsoft Teams with MindMap

Create mindmaps in Microsoft Teams with our awesome new MindMap app! Collect and organize your thoughts by adding nodes and childs.

5 – Teams Collaboration Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions about MS Teams Collaboration.

How can I optimize collaboration in Microsoft Teams?

Collaboration in Microsoft Teams is very easy, as the tool is built for it. Chats, editing files, announcements for information etc. are all default features. In order to optimize the potential for collaboration in MS Teams, take a look at collaboration apps by third parties – for example mindmaps, file managers, discussion boards etc.

What do I need to consider for Microsoft Teams document collaboration?

Microsoft Teams document collaboration is one of its default features. Working together on uploaded documents ensures everyone always has the latest version of a file. For more detailed information, check out our blog post on file management in Microsoft Teams.

What are best practices for collaboration in Microsoft Teams?

One of the most important best practices for collaboration in MS Teams is this: Keep an eye on your data. In a best-case scenario, your users will embrace collaboration in Microsoft Teams and upload or create large amounts of documents and new teams. While a high adoption rate is of course desirable, you need to ensure that there is no uncontrolled growth resulting in high maintenance costs or storage costs. For more tips and tricks around MS Teams collaboration, visit our blog!

Are there alternatives to Microsoft Teams for collaboration?

Yes, there Slack and Zoom are two well-known alternatives to Microsoft Teams. However, they offer different functionalities and IT leads would do well to research the details beforehand. One of MS Teams’ main advantages is, of course, the integration into Microsoft’s environment and Office 365. So while there are alternatives, using Teams for collaboration just makes sense.

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