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AI Mindmap in Microsoft Teams for Your Ideas

Create Mindmaps in Microsoft Teams with AI MindMap - the Powerful and Fully Integrated Mindmap Tool

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Gratis AI MindMap for lærere og frivillige organisasjoner
Create mindmaps in Microsoft Teams with MindMap

Educators, Non-Government and Non-Profit Organizations can use the Microsoft Teams integrated AI MindMap tool for free for a whole year.

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Save money

MindMap is available for all your users in Microsoft Teams. No extra installations or licence costs are necessary.

Collect ideas

Collect and structure your ideas according to your needs by using nodes, notes, topology diagrams and more.


Share your mindmap in your Microsoft Teams channel, create tasks in Planner and work together with your colleagues on your ideas.


Easy to use and Teams integrated mindmap tool to collect and organize your ideas.

Mindmap tool

Create mindmaps in Microsoft Teams g
Add notes (Checklists, HTML, etc.) g
See preview of notes g
Add topology diagram g
Set references g
Import/Export g
Add in Teams channel g
Add emojis g
Private mindmap g
Search g


Drag and drop g
Zoom g
Collapse and expand childs g
Center root topic g
Set child as editor root g

Solutions2Share voices

We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every product we carry. Read why we are convinced of MindMap for Microsoft Teams.

With MindMap for Teams, we make mind maps available to all employees. Usually you first have to start a software request in IT to be able to open a mindmap in the project. Very expensive tools are then licensed. Here is a very large savings and productivity potential. With the license of MindMap no additional program has to be installed and the info can be read, edited and shared immediately by everyone. And all this for 10 cents per user per year!
Portrait Christian Groß, CEO

Christian Groß

CEO, Solutions2Share

The possibility to present and share ideas in a simple and structured way within a team or for oneself convinced me the most to develop MindMap. With it, we can finally record our thoughts for other products and promote brainstorming in the team. The ease of use and the clear presentation are our top priorities.
Portrait Bastian John, Head of Development

Bastian John

Head of Development, Solutions2Share

MindMap for Teams ist a simple and quick way to brainstorm in Teams without leaving the Teams Client. This makes working in Microsoft Teams even more productiv and easy. The best thing is that Mindmap for teams is installed in just one minute.
Portrait Florian Pflanz Head of Marketing & Sales

Florian Pflanz

Head of Marketing, Solutions2Share


Mindmaps in Microsoft Teams
Starting from 0.74
/ user / month*
Create mindmaps in Microsoft Teams
Private mindmaps
Add your mindmap in Teams channel
Add notes or topology diagrams
Set references

*Only available as annual subscription. Prices without tax.

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Interested in MindMap? Download MindMap here!

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