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Teams Manager Release: Dynamic User Groups & More

Teams Manager Release: dynamic user groups & more

We have successfully published the latest release for Teams Manager.

In this video we provide a detailed explanation of the most important new features:

Teams Manager Release January 2022

These new features are included in the release:

  • “Settings” and “Templates” pages in the menu for all tabs – The “Settings” and “Templates” tabs will no longer appear at the top of the menu but in the hamburger menu. This means, users will not be able to see or access the settings anymore, whilst Admins will still be able. During the transition phase, users will be able to use both versions in parallel.
  • Different Templates for different, dynamic user groups (Enterprise Edition) – This function enables to create user groups based on fixed users or from AD attributes. The templates can be assigned to the groups.
  • Two-Owner Policy for Teams – Each Team will be required to have two owners, just in case one owner leaves the company or is not available.
  • Deactivate Guest Access for Certain Policies – You will be able to decide for each policy/template if guest access should be force deactivated for any Team provisioned from this template.
  • Naming conventions for Sharepoint sites and email address – During the Team request, users will be able to enter a SharePoint site URL and mail nickname, which will become subject to your organization’s naming conventions.
  • Change Mail Nickname for Teams – Instead of just using the team’s name, you will be able to change the mail nickname for each Team, making it easier for your users to forward emails. This is used to shorten the email for example.
  • Sensitivity Labels – For example deactivate guest access by default for restricted Teams.
  • New Metadata options
  1. Sort and filter metadata
  2. Description field for each metadata
  3. Choice fields with default value
  4. Choice fields with short names
  5. New: Number field
  6. New: Consecutive number field
  7. New overview over all fields (edit all fields in one page)
  • Executive Users (Enterprise Edition) – Possibility to create a new list of executive users who can create Teams directly, without going through the approval process.
  • Create Yammer Communities and Sharepoint Sites (Enterprise Edition) – New groups in the request settings: Yammer Communities and M365 Groups. (Update 2023: Teams Manager now also covers SharePoint templates in its Enterprise Edition!)
  • Integration of custom Microsoft Teams Templates – With this new feature, you will be able to activate Microsoft’s Teams templates and provision them with Teams Manager.
  • Create Team Name dynamically – e.g. from project number and predefined prefixes or metadata.
  • Send requests back to owner for further information or questions – Chat feature within requests to clarify information or ask questions.
  • Multi Geo Location (Enterprise Edition) – For data separation: you can create teams and tenants in different regions and the data will be stored in the respective region. The users can choose a location wen submitting a request. By enabling this feature users will be able to choose from this list below, if not they will be assigned a default location.
  • Mobile View for Teams tab, Request tab and ‘Request New Team’ form
  • New card view for Teams – Users will have an organized, clearly structured view of Teams on cards. The list view will of course still be available.
  • Transfer SharePoint Document Libraries and Lists (Enterprise Edition) – You will be able to transfer Sharepoint Libraries and lists. (Only for team templates)
  • Multi-Language Adaptive Cards and Multi-Language Bot
  • Admins can see all requests and approve or deny them
  • Send Emails through Teams Manager provider – Being able to send emails through Teams Manager provider will make the process more reliable.
  • Improved API

Find out how Teams Manager’s new features can help you keep control of Microsoft Teams: Book a quick, free demo in our online calendar!

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