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Microsoft Teams Templates

Microsoft Teams templates

It is widely known by now that Microsoft Teams is a fun, powerful collaboration tool that comes with a host of challenges. First and foremost of those is the fact that too many new Teams are created and that there is no control over the contents, no routine in the creation process.

One possibility to optimize such a recurring task is to use Microsoft Teams templates. Another reason for working with Microsoft Teams templates is if you need a consistent look and functionalities.

„Clone Teams” functionality or Teams Manager for Microsoft Teams templates?

Compared to the „Clone Teams” functionality, our Teams Manager offers a lot more options to customize and pre-configure your Teams template – all with simple drag & drop, no coding needed. For example, you can include any of the following in your Teams template:

  • Channels, Settings, Members – this much is covered by “Clone Teams” as well
  • Tabs: Add as many tabs to your template as you want to and pre-define their contents.
  • Planner: Adding Microsoft Planner to your Teams template ensures your employees keep on top of their open tasks for each new Team created.
  • OneNote: Include Microsoft OneNote in your template for a pre-defined, centralized way to keep notes and thoughts on each topic.

With these options, you will be able to create customized Teams templates for any purpose:

  • Microsoft Teams project management template for short- or long-term projects such as construction projects, IT projects or development projects, include Planner to keep track of the project tasks and OneNote for recording information, thoughts and decisions
  • Teams templates for departments, products or events include as many channels as are needed and all other features that make sense
  • Specific Microsoft Teams Planner templates or OneNote templates with or without content

In case anything changes in your requirements, you can easily add further features to your template or take out anything you don’t need any more. Afterwards, Teams Manager offers the possibility to synchronize these changes to all Teams that are based on this template and update them with a simple click of a button.

Get Teams Manager in the Microsoft Teams app store and make your life easier with Teams templates!

If you need even more options for your Teams templates such as lists, document libraries, documents, metadata, elements or folder structures, you might want to check out our Enterprise solution, Collaboration Manager.

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