Leaving a MS Teams guest tenant

Microsoft Teams governance with Teams Manager

Working together with Microsoft Teams between different organizations, users are often invited as a guest to another organizations tenant. When the work is done, the authorization for the other tenant is no longer needed and can be disturbing, especially if you are a guest member of several organizations. Also, if the guest organization removes the account from the tenant, it will not remove the option from the Microsoft Teams Client.

To remove them, perform the following steps:

1. Open your Workaccount, click ’Manage Organisations’ under ‘Organisations’, and select the settings icon.

2. Under ‘Organisations’, find the organization that you want to leave, and select ‘Leave organisation’

3. You will be asked you for your confirmation once again. Click on ‚Leave‘.

4. You should receive an email notification via Office 365.

5. Restart the Teams client and the guest option has disappeared.

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