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Leaving a Microsoft Teams guest tenant

Leaving a MS Teams guest tenant

Working together with Microsoft Teams between different organizations, users are often invited as a guest to another organizations tenant. When the work is done, the authorization for […]

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Create an Office 365 test tenant

Create an Office 365 Test Tenant

Everybody knows that test environments are a very good idea, providing a safe place to try new features or configuration changes to products, develop scripts and tools, […]

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External sharing in Microsoft Teams

Share files externally in Microsoft Teams

External approvals are indispensable for collaboration in most companies. Office 365 offers you very fine-tuned controls for setting up approvals. However, these are distributed across multiple Admin …

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Microsoft Teams Governance for private channels

Private Channels: Governance

Site collections of private channels do not appear in the SharePoint admin center for the administrator. For team members, the private channels and their site collections are also hidden if they are not members, the private channel …

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