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Microsoft Teams Governance Hacks for More Structure

Microsoft Teams Governance challenges

For companies that have just started using Microsoft Teams, for organizations that know their way around Teams but are still trying to get the hang of things, and for companies that have been working with Microsoft Teams for a long time, there is just one topic:

How do I keep my Teams environment under control?

How do I stop my users from creating unnecessary new Teams and channels?

How can I clear up the cluttered Teams list?

Why is every Team looking different from the others?

We have heard these and more question so often from our customers that we could write a book about it – or simply collect all the answers in one infographic!

See how easy Teams Governance can be and how the Teams Manager can help you!

6 Hacks for more structure in MS Teams

Here we share with you our secrets and 6 hacks for more structure in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams Governance Secrets Infographic

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Get control over your Teams with Teams Manager

Of course there are always more questions and challenges in order to keep control of your Microsoft Teams.

What would YOU like to know? What is the most pressing topic for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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