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Microsoft governance specialist Solutions2Share acquires digital office solution bNear for further growth

Solutions2Share and bNear

Fürth, May 15, 2024 – bNear.io is the first digital office that is perfectly integrated into Microsoft Teams. Solutions2Share GmbH, the leading developer of Microsoft governance apps, is now integrating the Cologne-based start-up’s revolutionary product for the next big step.

bNear has revolutionized the way people work during the pandemic. Its digital office, which is perfectly integrated into Microsoft Teams, enables companies to organize remote work effectively and efficiently. This innovation now has a new home at Solutions2Share GmbH. The Fürth-based company specializes in the development of governance software for Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365.

By integrating into Solutions2Share GmbH, bNear can now reach the next level – and find the perfect environment for further growth. “The buyer has recognized our vision and the value of the developed products and will integrate bNear into its broad portfolio, increasing the reach and impact of our original ideas,” says Malte Hendricks, Managing Director and Co-Founder of bNear. Both parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price.

From foundation to exit within 2 years

Hendricks founded bNear together with Sascha Theismann, Martin Lang and Fritz Fried in spring 2022. By 2023, the Cologne-based start-up had already successfully raised over EUR 1 million, including from Flossbach von Storch, HR tech investor allygatr, NRW.Bank, business angels from the DACH region and C-level executives. The Cologne-based company has since employed 11 people. Major customers from various industries such as retail, telecommunications and real estate rely on the innovative digital office with Microsoft Teams integration.

“We would of course like to thank all our customers, employees and investors for their support and commitment,” says Hendricks. “These have been exciting years, but I am glad that bNear will have the environment it needs for the coming years at Solutions2Share GmbH. We are putting our solution in the best hands for what lies ahead,” says the founder.

“The Solutions2Share and bNear solutions complement each other perfectly: we are building a bridge between the virtual collaboration in bNear and the governance world of Solutions2Share. This connection strengthens our position in the market and offers advantages for our customers on both sides,” says Christian Groß, founder and CEO of Solutions2Share GmbH.

Malte Hendricks and his team will continue to support the handover process until bNear is fully integrated into the Solutions2Share GmbH portfolio.

About Solutions2Share:  

Solutions2Share GmbH has specialized in the development of software solutions for Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 since 2009. Today, with over 10 years of experience in developing governance tools for Microsoft 365, the company is the number 1 for governance apps. Their apps have already been installed more than 40,000 times by customers in 72 countries and serve more than 1.5 million users worldwide. www.solutions2share.com

About bNear:

bNear was founded in March 2022 by Sascha Theismann, Malte Hendricks, Martin Lang and Fritz Fried. The Cologne-based start-up offers a software solution that enables companies to better connect their employees working from home. Unlike its competitors, bNear is fully integrated into Microsoft Teams. This makes the solution easy to install, scalable and ready for use within minutes, without data protection concerns, even in large organizations. www.bnear.io

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