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30k Feet - Partner of Solutions2Share
30k Feet - Partner of Solutions2Share

This is our partner 30k Feet

30k Feet is a leading technology partner, specialising in Microsoft Teams governance and collaboration solutions. The collaboration with Solutions2Share on the Teams Manager solution underscores the commitment to overcoming the common challenges organisations face with Teams governance and management.

Beyond the focus on governance, 30k Feet offers a broad spectrum of IT management and consulting services. 30k Feet excels in crafting custom solutions, optimising workflows, and guiding digital transformation initiatives. 30k Feet’s expertise extends to delivering comprehensive strategies that enhance operational efficiency, ensuring clients to navigate the complexities of digital adoption with ease.

“Our mission is to provide a holistic approach to IT challenges, leveraging our deep understanding of technology to foster innovation and growth. In partnership with Solutions2Share, 30k Feet is dedicated to empowering businesses with the tools and insights needed for a seamless and productive digital workplace experience.“

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3 Robertson Street
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2198 Johannesburg
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