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AdVision Swiss AG - Partner of Solutions2Share
AdVision Swiss AG - Partner of Solutions2Share

This is our partner AdVision Swiss AG

As a young and dynamic ICT company, AdVision maintains complete IT infrastructures and communication solutions for its customers as a full-service or managed service provider. AdVision operates exclusively with Microsoft technologies and thus ensures the operation, maintenance and process-oriented further development of its customers’ IT infrastructures.

In addition, AdVision’s Azure specialists and Microsoft MVPs support internal IT teams in complex projects relating to Microsoft 365, Entra, Intune, Azure, etc. and the on-premises/hybrid environment.

At the same time, AdVision prevents cyberattacks and operates entire SOC, MDR and SIEM solutions with which AdVision protects its customers and analyzes cyberattacks and threats preventively and stops them in the event of an incident.

“Our main ingredients are:

OnPrem, Hybrid and Cloud (#M365, #Entra, #Azure)
VoIP solutions with #Teams
Managed Services (Workplace, Backup, Monitoring, etc.) &
Secure endpoints (#Intune, #Windows 365, #DefenderForEndpoint etc.)
Managed MS Security (#Defender, #Sentinel)
SOC Services (#MDR, #SIEM)
M365/Entra/Azure security audits and assessments“

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Fabrikstrasse 7
9200 Gossau