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Ictivity - Partner of Solutions2Share
Ictivity - Partner of Solutions2Share

This is our partner Ictivity

Ictivity is an idependent dutch IT service provider. It is a knowledgeable and – above all – passionate company with over 170 experienced and enthusiastic professionals, who are available 24 hours a day. The Ictivity team delivers high quality IT advice, implementation and managed services. With 26 years’ experience in office automation and infrastructure consultancy, Ictivity understands the underlying technology like no other. But the biggest difference with other IT service providers is that it focuses on the enduser and employee: what is the best way to enable him or her to do the job? How can Ictivity remove the hassle so work can be done more efficiently? This demands a thorough knowledge of the vertical markets in which Ictivity operates. After all, the people and work processes of local government are very different from those of a service provider or logistics company. By studying the work processes, Ictivity sees where they can be improved.

“Our starting point is simple: IT is there for the user, not the other way around. The user should always have access to the data and applications he needs to do his job, regardless of his location or the device(s) he uses. The user should be able to work safely and undisturbed, without being harassed by technology. We strongly believe in the power of self-reliance and enable users to easily handle matters themselves. Interfaces should be attractive and, above all, intuitive to use. Information should be brought to the user. And we believe the adoption of new technology should be given sufficient attention, always. The total sum of all these beliefs we call User Based Computing.“

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