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Wolkenwerft GmbH - Partner of Solutions2Share
Wolkenwerft GmbH - Partner of Solutions2Share

This is our partner Wolkenwerft GmbH

Wolkenwerft offers you innovative cloud solutions that streamline your technical infrastructure, optimize investments in both hardware and software, and make your business faster and more efficient.

Whether you are a freelancer, a small office with 10 colleagues or a medium-sized company with 1,000 employees, Wolkenwerft provides you with the IT infrastructure and application software you need for your business via the cloud. Save yourself expensive investments in your own hardware and valuable time for cumbersome software updates. With Wolkenwerft, you’re always up to date with the latest technology.

“Thank you for finding your way to Wolkenwerft. As Germany’s first and only shipyard for modern cloud computing, we make your company fit for the IT challenges of the future. We see ourselves as craftsmen among the master craftsmen. With a high degree of down-to-earthness, we bring the aloof topic of cloud back down to earth and show you how you can easily take off into a new computing dimension with us.“

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Claus-Ferck-Straße 4
22359 Hamburg