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Structured introduction of Microsoft Teams at Der Beck with Teams Manager

Structured introduction of Microsoft Teams at Der Beck


Der Beck GmbH

Customer Size

1500 employees

When switching to Microsoft 365, Der Beck was faced with the challenge of integrating firstline workers into Microsoft Teams while at the same time defining the structure and framework for their use.

New teams were to be created in a controlled manner and managed with naming conventions. In a workshop, Der Beck and Solutions2Share jointly developed a governance strategy that included not only Microsoft Teams but also the SharePoint sites linked in the background.

With naming conventions and lifecycles for inactive teams, Der Beck ensures a structured environment. The SharePoint environment is also protected from uncontrolled growth.

“Teams Manager helped us roll out Microsoft 365 and Teams in the company in a structured way. We have a good overview and at the same time a good user experience when creating and managing new teams.“Herbert Killermann, IT Manager at Der Beck

Der Beck’s Challenges

Der Beck prepared for the switch to Microsoft 365. Due to the onset of the Corona crisis at the beginning of 2020, meetings could only be held virtually in Microsoft Teams.

As a large bakery chain with around 150 stores, Der Beck’s workforce consists largely of so-called firstline workers, i.e. service staff in contact with the customers. Without their own computer workstation, these employees only access MS Teams via their smartphone. The primary goal was to integrate firstline users into the communication process and at the same time provide them with a structure for using Teams.

Our solution for Der Beck

When introducing Microsoft Teams, there needed to be a clear structure for the employees and rules for creating new teams right from the start. Therefore, Der Beck needed the possibility to manage teams creation in a controlled manner and to standardize them with naming conventions.

A short demo of the Team Manager made it clear that the app covered exactly the desired requirements. The price was also appealing. In a one-day workshop, Der Beck and Solutions2Share worked out all the team governance topics and laid the foundation for rolling out Teams Manager in the company.

Der Beck’s Benefits

Teams Manager enables Der Beck to work with Microsoft Teams in a structured way. Clear rules determine which employees can create new teams. For better clarity and more structure, Der Beck uses teams templates and uniform naming conventions. Obsolete or inactive teams are automatically removed from the environment using the lifecycle feature.

Since it doesn’t make sense to implement a governance strategy for teams and then, on the other hand, give employees a free hand in SharePoint, the Blocker for SharePoint was also installed. This blocks access by team owners to SharePoint pages linked in the background and protects the SharePoint environment from uncontrolled growth as well.

Der Beck has been using Microsoft 365 since mid-2020. Teams Manager helped with the structured rollout.

1500 employees, including numerous firstline users in around 150 stores, receive important information via MS Teams.

Teams Manager ensures a uniform structure of new teams and reduces the workload for the IT administration.


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