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Free Mindmaps in Microsoft Teams for Educators & NGOs

Create Mindmaps in Microsoft Teams with AI MindMap - Free for Educational Institutions, Non-Government and Non-Profit Organizations

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Gratis AI MindMap for lærere og frivillige organisasjoner

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You work for an Educational Institution, Non-Government or Non-Profit Organization? Fill out this form and create mindmaps in Microsoft Teams for free for one year.

Save money

For one year, Educators, NGOs and NPOs have the opportunity to develop mind maps on Microsoft Teams with no charges. Every user can access MindMap.

Collect ideas

Organize and arrange your thoughts as per your needs with nodes, annotations, topology charts, and additional tools.


Display your mindmaps on your Microsoft Teams channel and engage with your coworkers in developing your ideas further.

Get free MindMap for NGOs

Mindmap Features

Educational Institutions, Non-Profit and Non-Government Organizations can use the Microsoft Teams integrated mindmap app for free for one year.

Educators, NGOs and NPOs can now create free Mindmaps in Microsoft Teams

Harness AI’s capabilities to craft mind maps with ease on Microsoft Teams. Our sophisticated AI assists in effortlessly visualizing intricate concepts.

Boost your team’s efficiency through live collaboration; design MindMaps in Teams and promptly incorporate feedback, promoting a fluid and effective planning approach.

Further refine your process by effortlessly converting MindMaps into Tasks within Microsoft Planner.

Get free MindMap here
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