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Block SharePoint from Microsoft Teams with Blocker for SharePoint

Keep control of your Teams and SharePoint environment! The Blocker is customizable and has a white list.

SharePoint Site Templates and Provisioning

Collaboration Manager offers provisioning for SharePoint sites, groups and Microsoft Teams, based on customized templates.

External User Manager: Manage Guests in Microsoft Teams | Demo

In this short External User Manager demo we show you how easy it is to manage guests in Microsoft Teams.

Comprehensive Dashboard for External Users in Microsoft Teams

Learn how to access the External User dashboard, get a detailed overview, track pending requests, access reviews, and much more.

External User Manager Setup and Configuration in Microsoft Teams

Learn how to get started with setup and configuration of External User Manager for Microsoft Teams.

Import Guests in Microsoft Teams with External User Manager

Learn how to import guests in Microsoft Teams, apply life cycles and include them in your access reviews.

Set up the Onboarding Portal for Externals in Microsoft Teams

Learn how to set up the External User Manager onboarding portal for externals in Microsoft Teams for more security and compliance.

Onboarding a new guest in Microsoft Teams with External User Manager

External User Manager provides an invitation and approval process for guests in Microsoft Teams.

File Management and File Explorer for Microsoft Teams

File Manager gives you easiers access to all your files in MS Teams. You no longer need to switch between different teams to access different files.

Download Documents/NDAs Signed by Guest Users in MS Teams

Direct your guest users to an onboarding and compliance portal and let them sign documents.

Restart Onboarding & Compliance Process for Guest Users

Restart onboarding and your existing guest users have to fill out the metadata fields and sign the documents again.

Request and Approve Guest Users in Microsoft Teams

Manage external access in Microsoft Teams. Learn how to request and approve guest users in Microsoft Teams with External User Manager.

Allow Guest Access for Specific Teams in Microsoft Teams

With External User Manager for Microsoft Teams, you can allow guest access for specific teams while deactivating it for all other teams.

Lifecycles for Guests in Microsoft Teams – Reminders or Removal

Save time and effort, with automated reminders for access reivews or even automated removal of guests.

Deactivate Existing Teams for Guests, Add Guests to M365 Groups & More

Deactivate existing teams for external access, invite guests to Microsoft 365 groups & webhook integration.

Save Links as Bookmarks in Microsoft Teams – Live Demo

With the Hyperlinks app, you can save links as bookmarks in Microsoft Teams. Create different link categories for a better overview. Save links for …

Microsoft Teams Links – Save Your Links with Hyperlinks

Bookmarks in Microsoft Teams: save links to websites, teamsites, files or conversations with the Hyperlinks app.

Create Mindmaps in Microsoft Teams with MindMap

Create mindmaps in Microsoft Teams with our awesome new MindMap app! Collect and organize your thoughts by adding nodes and childs.

Awesome Teams Management – Governance for Microsoft Teams

Easy-to-use app for governance and lifecycle management in Microsoft Teams. Learn more about the features.

Teams Governance Made Simple – Quick Overview

Quick overview of how Teams Manager for Microsoft Teams can help you keep control of your environment and prevent uncontrolled growth.

Release October 2022: Powerful New Features

Provisioning of new content types, templates for new content types, PnP Provisioning Package, SharePoint list synchronization and more.

MindMap for Microsoft Teams – Quick Demo

Create mindmaps in Microsoft Teams privately or together with your colleagues. Watch the quick MindMap demo here.

New Navigation for Settings in Teams Manager for Microsoft Teams

With the features release in January 2022, Teams Manager’s settings will no longer be linked in the main navigation.

Teams Manager for Microsoft Teams: Installation & Setup

This step-by-step video explains the installation and setup process in Teams. The installation via the app store takes only a few minutes.

Teams Manager – Add Administrators in Microsoft Teams

This is a step-by-step explanation on how to add administrators in Teams Manager for Microsoft Teams.

Teams Manager – Create Approvers & Approver Groups in Microsoft Teams

How to authorize people as approvers and create different approver groups for each of your governance policies …

Microsoft Teams Governance Health Score Dashboard

Introducing the Governance Health Score Dashboard. Learn how to access the dashboard, interpret your governance score, and more.

Teams Manager Template Architect

In this tutorial, we introduce the Teams Manager Template Architect, a tool designed to enhance Microsoft Teams environments.

Request and Approve a new Team in Microsoft Teams with Teams Manager

In this tutorial, we guide you through the process of creating and managing requests in Microsoft Teams.

Request Private and Shared Channels with Teams Manager

How to use the request and approval workflow for channels in Teams Manager. Learn how to create various types of channels and set custom access rules.

Archive SharePoint Sites with Teams Manager

Learn in this video tutorial how to efficiently archive SharePoint sites and set them as read-only using the Teams Manager app.

Create Templates for Microsoft Teams with Teams Manager

How to create templates for Microsoft Teams with Teams Manager in this step-by-step explanation video. Create templates according to your needs.

Add Metadata to Microsoft Teams with Teams Manager

The video provides step-by-step instructions on how to create and use metadata fields, naming conventions, and policy packages in Teams Manager.

Naming Conventions for Microsoft Teams with Teams Manager

Find out how to create naming conventions for Teams in the Teams Manager app.

Lifecycle Management in Microsoft Teams with Teams Manager

Learn about lifecycle management in Microsoft Teams with the Teams Manager app.

Microsoft Teams Governance with Lifecycle and Naming Conventions

Create customized Microsoft Teams Governance Policies by combining your Lifecycles and Naming Conventions.

De/Activate Guest Access for External Users in Microsoft Teams

Activate Guest Access for External Users – the Teams Manager gives you the option to activate this setting.

Apply Governance Policies to Pre-Existing Teams in Microsoft Teams

Apply governance policies to pre-existing Teams. Our bot goes over all existing, unmanaged Teams.

Create a Webhook in Teams Manager for Microsoft Teams

Trigger a Microsoft Flow or Azure Function. Find out how to create a webhook in Teams Manager for Microsoft Teams!

Change Language in Microsoft Teams and Teams Manager

In this video we show you step by step how you can change the language in Microsoft Teams and in your Teams Manager app.

New Release: Different Templates for different dynamic User Groups & more

New features such as different templates for different dynamic user groups, two-owner policy and more.

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